Accused Mail Bomber: Typical Conservative, Mentally Ill or False Flag Victim?

Yesterday the FBI arrested Cesar Sayoc and accused him of sending bombs through the mail to a number of left-wing elected officials.

The accused has a long arrest record and a history of drug abuse.  His social media presence indicates he is a Trump supporter, while other online records indicate he is a Democrat.

The poorly constructed bombs and the bizarre timing has led many to believe the entire thing is a ‘False Flag’.  Others claim he’s mentally ill.

Still others believe his is perfectly sane and a product of crazy, right-wing fanatics encouraged by Trump towards violence.

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S. Trump - October 28, 2018

He’s not mentally ill. He is a moron. He just he’s just a stupid moron.

Thor Sparre - October 28, 2018

• In 2007, there were 3.97 million people receiving SSI or SSDI payments because they were disabled by mental illness, or 1 in every 76 Americans and that was 11 years ago.
• In 2008, a General Accountability Office report stated that 46 percent of the young adults [age 18 to 26] were receiving an SSI or SSDI payment because of a psychiatric disability.
• In1990 the number of mentally ill children began to rise dramatically, and by the end of 2007, there were 561,569 such children on the SSI disability rolls. That is a 35 fold increase. Mental illness is now the leading cause of disability in children, with the mentally ill group comprising 50 percent of the total number of children on the SSI rolls in 2007.
Source: “” ANATOMY OF AN EPIDEMIC”” by Robert Whitaker.

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