America Because 9/11: 22 Years of Lies and Despotism

One sees numerous flags at half-mast across the country today. And rightly so. Thanks in part to the carelessness and incompetence of the CIA and FBI, the Federal government failed disastrously at what it tells us is the routine’s number-one priority: public security.

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More than 2,900 human beings passed away that day, the overwhelming bulk of which were civilians operating in normal private-sector tasks. Most of them paid taxes for several years to the federal government which told them that the federal government keeps them safe. Numerous victims continue to pass away to this day from health problems brought on by inhalation of building particles.

However the action to 9/11 has done far more damage to the republic than the perpetrators of 9/11 ever could. Even even worse, the program’s designers of the countless assaults on flexibility and human rights that have can be found in the wake of 9/11 have never been punished.

After 9/11 we were forced to sustain nearly 20 years of significant wars. The Iraq war depended on post-9/ 11 fears to push the story that Saddam Hussein had weapons that might be used to attack Americans. United States routine mouth pieces repeatedly hinted that Saddam possibly had actually prepared or funded the 9/11 attacks. The Taliban in Afghanistan were essentially blamed for training the terrorists said to have committed 9/11. (The reality that the Saudis were most likely bankrolling the terrorists was thoroughly prevented.) In the end, the wars did absolutely nothing to enhance either the liberty or the security of Americans. Countless American families have actually spent for these meaningless wars with their own blood or with the blood of their kids and brothers and fathers. Hundreds of millions of Americans continue to pay for the wars through higher taxes to service war debts, and through the unavoidable price inflation that has actually come after 20 years of runaway costs. All this, naturally, disregards the hundreds of countless innocent foreign victims of the routine.

On the domestic front, we’ve likewise come down with twenty years of the federal government shredding the rights supposedly protected by the Costs of Rights. Between the Patriot act, the TSA, many abuses of the FISA court, and non-stop spying on peaceful Americans, the federal government’s “war on horror” has largely been a war on Americans. Or as Patrick Eddington put it in 2021:

From the development of the sprawling, privacy attacking Department of Homeland Security (2002 ) to the passage of the FISA Amendments Act(2008, required to make parts of the formerly unlawful Stellarwindprogram legal) to the Transport Security Company’s (TSA) Peaceful Skiestraveler monitoring programs (2012) to the burgeoning use of facial recognition by law enforcement at all levels, we now reside in an age where our purchasing practices, web searching history, flight records, social networks posts and more can be collected, examined and weaponized versus us– often with little or no pretext or true, legitimate criminal predicate. … In all the manner ins which matter, Americans are now seen by their federal government as suspects initially, residents second.

Ridiculously, all of this has actually been validated by George W. Bush’s motto claiming to describe why terrorists target the United States: “They hate us due to the fact that we’re free.” ( If too much liberty in America is the reason for terrorism, certainly the issue has now been eliminated.)

Yet, none of the policymakers and technocrats who pressed the stopped working wars and the assaults on flexibility have ever been called to account. As far as the routine and its pals in the media are concerned, it does not matter that the program was wrong about “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq. It does not matter that the US got into Afghanistan to oust the Taliban– and after that stopped working to do so after 20 years of war. It doesn’t matter that United States wars paved the way for al-Qaeda in Iraq and for slavery in Libya. It doesn’t matter that the United States invaded a sovereign nation under incorrect pretexts and leveled whole cities— doing almost whatever for which Washington now condemns Moscow.

A lot of those behind these fits of foreign and domestic imperialism– i.e, Cock Cheney and Bush and Hillary Clinton– retired in convenience. Some are still in workplace like Joe Biden, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, and Diane Feinstein. And a lot of them continue to push their agendas at Washington think tanks where these “advisors” continue to be hailed as “professionals” on diplomacy and “democracy.” These individuals wrote memoirs. They appear on talk programs.

My older readers may recall names like Paul Wolfowitz, John Bolton, Condoleezza Rice, and Judith Miller. All of these individuals still take pleasure in positions of respect and status within the central circles of Washington facility politics. There is no responsibility. There aren’t even half-hearted apologies.

So unrepentant are these people that they even emerge from their universities, country clubs, and luxury homes to lecture the public about flexibility and democracy every once in a while. Just last week, Cock Cheney required to social networks to condemn Donald Trump as a threat “to our republic.” This video echoes a comparable condemnation from George W. Bush in 2021.

In a more affordable world, people like Cheney, Rice, Bolton, et al, would all be forgotten, shamed, disgraced political leaders. They all would have been pushed into retirement and shunned years earlier after managing numerous dreadful wars abroad and the production of a surveillance state in your home. Much of them would recently be emerging from prison for their criminal activities against both international law and the US Constitution.

Unfortunately, we do not live in a more affordable world. In twenty-first century America (so far) it doesn’t matter the number of trillions are wasted on lost wars, how many Americans are sent to die in vain, or the number of innocent foreigners are incinerated by American bombs. For the routine, all that matters is that the public keeps buying the lie that the program “keeps us safe” and that the federal government specialists “understand better.” It doesn’t matter that the 4th Modification is now a dead letter, or that “anti-terrorism” legislation is now largely used to target normal American residents who are now deemed terrorists or insurrectionists for trespassing in government structures.

In the last few years, when 9/11 is celebrated, we are told only to keep in mind regime-approved beliefs such as “flexibility isn’t complimentary” and “support the soldiers.” We are not supposed to remember how the routine utilized the deaths of janitors, receptionists, and firefighters on that day to justify wholesale attacks on personal privacy, private property, and the Costs of Rights.

We’re all now simply supposed to pretend it never ever took place. Yet, if we want to make even a start at undoing some of the damage, Americans have to stop listening to the despots and phonies who utilized the discomfort and worry of 9/11 to advance their long-planned imagine empire and a cops state. Any politician or bureaucrat who supported or supports the post-9/ 11 wars, the Patriot Act, or today’s federal spying program must be assumed to have worthless and unsafe opinions. These people have actually currently shown their failure to make lawful or prudent decisions. Even even worse are the despicable charlatans who cynically declare “hindsight is 20/20” when anybody with any respect for liberty or the rule of law might see the evils that would follow the craze of brand-new laws and wars that followed 9/11. Candidates or policymakers who firmly insist the wars and the despotism have all sprung from “excellent intentions” or that the similarity Cheney and Bush “did their finest” are unworthy hearing from. Unfortunately, as the Penis Cheney video recently reminded us, these individuals still haven’t disappeared.

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