America Is One Of The Most Dangerous Country in the world and Is the Head of This Snake

By: Gary D. Barnett

Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744 to 1812) assembled a plan ‘with the objective of world supremacy and the imposition of the Luciferian ideology “upon what would remain of the mankind” after a final orchestrated social-cataclysm. In 1773, Mayer summoned twelve rich guys to Frankfort and asked to pool their resources, then provided the 25-point strategy that would enable them to get control of the wealth, natural resources and workforce of the entire world.’

Obviously, his plan did not succeed in his life time, but it is really spooky to look at much of his plot that was designed 248 years ago, and compare the objectives expected to today’s scenario. It is as if this plan has remained in the making ever since, and is just now coming to fruition. While this appears practically fantastical, one reading of these 25 points looked for need to suffice for even the most common man to understand. It is essential to understand that nothing done by the most effective and their pawns in government is unexpected or organic; it is constantly by design. The agendas accomplished are never ever coincidental; they are constantly deliberately developed.

Today, this agenda is not concealed, and in reality has actually been announced, played out in simulations, or is being telegraphed ahead of time to all. What the biggest banking family considered in the 18th century is now a much larger group of gamers, all with the agenda of overall control. Once upon a time, anyone that mentioned a “New World Order” was condemned as a ‘conspiracy theorist,’ but now the so-called elite class and much of the political leaders go over freely globalism, a new world order, and the “Excellent Reset.’ They do so in a manner that is suggested to appear like this is in the very best interest of mankind, which suggests they are portraying themselves as “heros” of humankind, just as Rothschild had outlined.

This might have been the brainchild of Rothschild, however there are a lot more involved in this day and age. The terms have changed, and the mythological Luciferian aspects are not the essential of today’s plot as I see it. While there is no way of understanding precisely all that are at the top of the managing pyramid, it seems apparent that the Rothschild’s, Rockefeller’s, Schwab’s and Gates’ of the world, and numerous others, together with the central banking heads, the large corporations, the bogus tax-free structures, and the pawns at the top of the political class are all involved, but still the leading judgment ‘elites’ are comparatively speaking, few in number.

But there is but one country that is the head of this snake today, and that is the United States. How goes America goes the rest of the world, as the saying suggests. That is why it is so important for individuals of this nation to wake up and understand the scope of this abhorrent plot to control the world. Looking around at places like the U.K, Australia, much of Europe, and Canada, one should have the ability to see the composing on the wall. The western world is imploding, and if the U.S. does not resist this attack of tyranny, the remainder of the world will most likely fall in line.

With that stated, the U.S. is the most fatal and unsafe nation on earth in this author’s opinion. America is the most terroristic country, has the most fire power, the biggest armed force by lot of times over, and is ending up being more an authorities state every day. America no longer means flexibility, but for world interference, control of others, war, abuse, mass murder, and now is plotting the democide of its own residents through limitation, hunger by food and farming damage, heinous ‘environment change’ policy, isolation, and ‘vaccine’ murder. This country was when considered the land of the free and the home of the brave, and now it is the land of slavery, and the house of hate, indifference, and cowardice. Why are over 300 million Americans enabling this to occur?

The plot to develop an international governing system, a plot long prepared and long desired, is now upon us. After lots of decades of dumbing down the general population, of indoctrinating the ‘public’ into a mindset of jingoistic nationalism, of dividing Americans at every possible level through social engineering, and pitting one against another, the state is now prepared to finish the task of managing all and getting rid of dissenters.

The fake ‘virus pandemic’ utilized worry as a tool to very first judge the weakness of individuals, and when compliance was quickly developed, the weapon falsely being called a ‘vaccine’ can be launched in order to change the body and minds of the sheep. This injection is the primary weapon of option at this time, but other targeted bio-weapons will definitely be used must any significant resistance ended up being obvious. The innovation readily available is entirely unidentified to most, and is much more innovative than can appear fathomable. Be gotten ready for the unimaginable, and for ongoing efforts to make this a regulated society through technocracy.

If adequate Americans can awaken from their cowardice, dependence, and dislike long enough to turn the tide versus this wicked state apparatus, then maybe we will have a possibility to regain liberty. By doing so, much of the rest of the world will follow in our steps, and accomplishing some sanity will be possible. If America fails, so goes the world, and all people left will remain in a living hell.

“The end objective is to get everybody cracked, to control the entire society, to have the bankers and the elite people control the world.” ~ Aaron Russo– Unsourced

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