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How To Prepare MREs (with and without the heater)

By Andrew J. / May 16, 2021

Originally created as military field rations, MREs are delicious, filling, and don’t require any special cooking devices. Technically, as they’re pre-cooked, you can eat them cold, though we ‘d recommend warming them if you have the alternative. Military MREs included a flameless heating system for warming your meal. If you’re buying civilian MREs, it’s worth […]


What If You’re Caught in an Indefinite Blackout?

By Andrew J. / May 13, 2021

As world leaders continue to scratch their heads about the best way forward and activists demand immediate solutions to very complex societal issues, we can easily expect more knee-jerk political responses to future disasters. The collateral damage caused by legislation that’s lacking in forethought and scientific evidence only serves to complicate and aggravate an existing […]


Raising Fish for Food: A Guide to Live a More Sustainable Life

By Andrew J. / May 13, 2021

Sharing is caring! Fish are an excellent source of protein. However, raising them for food can be hard, and many people do not know how to do it appropriately. In this short article, we will take a look at the progression of aquaculture throughout history, as well as some manner ins which you can raise […]


Pepper Spray Laws – Montana

By Andrew J. / May 11, 2021

When it concerns pepper spray laws, Montana is among the friendliest locations there is. The state has vanishingly couple of if any restrictions concerning civilian acquisition, ownership, and usage of defensive sprays in self-defense. Civilians might select any typical non-injurious solution, and bring any quantity that suits their purposes. In addition, the purchasing of pepper […]


10 Tips to Take Pleasure In Outdoor Camping this Season

By Andrew J. / May 6, 2021

It is possible to delight in camping. It’s a love for many individuals, filling camping sites all over the United States. In truth,’outdoor camping in style’is the most popular traveling pattern, likewise known as glamping. It’s an enticing concept to adventure to the outdoors in comfort and design. Whether you are brand-new to the world […]


Tired of Feeling ‘Watched’? Here’s Your Fix

By Andrew J. / April 29, 2020

Have you ever had that uncomfortable feeling that you’re being watched? Or maybe you know how this whole thing works…your cell phone tracking your location, your laptop tracking your search history, your smart devices passing all your private information on to who knows where…and you’re tired of it. Well, here’s one solution: Stop Google from […]


Woodworking Business – Your Initial Investment

By Andrew J. / September 16, 2019

In any form of business, understanding the costs of setting up the business and the costs of running it is of great importance. You have to fully understand the costs your startup costs- tools, space, time, etc.- this is your initial investment. Your total startup costs will entirely depend on the type of project you’re […]


The Five Composting Myths Holding Your Garden Back

By Andrew J. / September 13, 2019

When it comes right down to it, composting is a simple, natural process that’s been overcomplicated by machines, commercial marketing, and misinformation. Some of these misinformed ideas have been passed around so many times that they’ve become accepted as truth. Well, we’re here to set the record straight. Keep reading to separate fact from fiction! […]

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