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Get Ready with the Right Hiking Equipment

By Ben / February 24, 2021

If you are new to the sport of hiking, you may think that all you need is a bottle of water and you are off. Nothing could be further from the truth as a hiker has to be prepared for emergencies and have the proper hiking equipment to make the most out of the trip. […]


Gardener’s Knees

By Ben / February 14, 2021

While gardening can be good for your health, both in body and mind, there are many occasions when your knees might not think the same way. It often seems a lot easier to kneel when working on low areas of the garden, but in doing so regularly you can damage the delicate area of the […]


Detoxify Your Body With a Detox Foot Patch

By Ben / February 9, 2021

A body overloaded with toxins cannot perform its normal cleansing job that is required for optimal health. In addition to naturally-occurring toxins, it is estimated that more than 400 man-made chemicals, as well as heavy metals, permeate the body of a person today. Naturally, if these toxins are not removed from the body, they can […]


Pancreatic Cancer

By Ben / January 14, 2021

A new or recurrent diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer often results in fear and confusion for patients and their family members. Understanding treatment options, accessing new and innovative therapies through clinical trials, as well as understanding the role of supportive care and complementary and alternative medicine are essential which are given at our center. We cure […]


Garden Safety

By Ben / January 12, 2021

We often overlook the possibility of danger that can lurk in the garden. Everything from rotten limbs on trees that can fall on top of us to slippery surfaces that are covered in moss can present dangers. There are certain times of the year when there seem to be more problems of safety in the […]


Making The Most Of Your Hiking Backpacks

By Ben / January 6, 2021

A school backpack is next to useless in a survival situation, or even a weekend camping situation. It is just not built to take the knocks and pings of living in the outdoors. You need camping or sporting goods hiking backpacks. This is your survival kit, as well as being the most convenient way of […]


Geocaching: A Great Way To Get Outdoors

By Ben / December 20, 2020

If you’re tired of hiking the same trail or picnicking at the same park, then Geocaching may be exactly what you’re looking for. Geocaching, pronounced gee-o-cashing, is the high tech version of a treasure hunt. Armed with nothing but a handheld GPS unit and a thirst for excitement, you’re off for new adventures and the […]


Choose The Best Essential Oil Manufacturer To Get Quality Oils

By Ben / December 14, 2020

When you go out in the market to purchase skin or hair creams, you come across several brand names. However, before you take the creams because you like a particular brand, you must know what part of the cream has been actually manufactured by the branded company. You will be shocked to know that certain […]


Garden Pests

By Ben / December 10, 2020

If we could garden without any interference from pests, then gardening would be a simple matter. But we must watch out for these little foes at all times. They may be little in size, but they are tremendous in the havoc they make. As human illness may often be prevented by healthful conditions, so pests […]


Benefits Of Alternative Medicine

By Ben / November 16, 2020

With the growing number of people being affected by newly discovered chronic degenerative diseases such as AIDS and chronic fatigue syndrome, Are you worried or wondering… Is it possible to maintain good health? What does your body need to function properly? Why conventional medicine is becoming more complicated and costly and in some cases simply […]

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