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Are We Really So “Rich”? A New Method of Defining Wealth

By Daniel P / September 25, 2021

What if our commoditized, financialized meaning of wealth shows a staggering poverty of culture, spirit, knowledge, practicality and good sense? The traditional meaning of wealth is entirely monetary: ownership of cash and assets. The assumption is that money can buy anything the owner desires: power, gain access to, land, shelter, energy, transportation and if not […]


What’s Actually Going On in China

By Daniel P / September 24, 2021

Losses will be taken and sacrifices imposed on those who do not understand the Chinese state will no longer soak up the losses of speculative excess. Let’s start by stating that no one outside President Xi’s inner circle really understands what’s going on in China, therefore my comments here are systemic observations, not claims of […]


The Revenues of War

By Daniel P / September 23, 2021

How Business America Cashed in on the Post-9/ 11 Pentagon Investing Rise By William HARTUNG The expenses and effects of America’s twenty-first-century wars have actually by now been well-documented– an incredible $8 trillion in expenses and more than 380,000 civilian deaths, as computedby Brown University’s Expenses of War task. The question of who has benefited […]


America 2021: Inequality is Now Baked In

By Daniel P / September 22, 2021

This complete capture of all opportunities of regulation and governance can just end one method, a sort of hyper-stagflation. Zeus Y. and I go way back, and he has always had a propensity for summing up just how crazy, detached from reality, manipulative and exploitive the status quo story has actually ended up being. I […]


Imperial Business-As-Usual … Biden-Zelenksy Satisfying Reveals U.S. Learned Absolutely Nothing From Afghanistan

By Daniel P / September 21, 2021

American militarism, war-making and imperial” nation-building “will continue. Because that is endemic to U.S. industrialism and its hegemonic addiction. There was a staggering screen of double-think this week from U.S. President Joe Biden. In reverse order, Biden hosted Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky at the White Home on Wednesday and revealed that the United States was […]


Soros’ Dream: To Turn China Into a Neoliberal Grabitization Chance

By Daniel P / September 20, 2021

By Michael HUDSON In a Financial Timesop-ed, “Investors in Xi’s China face an impolite awakening” (August 30, 2021), George Soros writes that Xi’s “crackdown on private business reveals he does not understand the marketplace economy … Xi Jinping, China’s leader, has hit economic truth. His crackdown on personal enterprise has been a significant drag on […]


A New Storm Is Brewing in the Balkans

By Daniel P / September 17, 2021

On September 5 blood might or might not be shed, however at the instigation of NATO’s Montenegrin infantryman feathers are ensured to fly. Well, what else is new? Afghanistan is said to be the graveyard of empires, however turbulence in the Balkans typically is likewise the precursor to an empire or more being buried in […]


The Illusion of Getting Abundant While Producing Absolutely Nothing

By Daniel P / September 16, 2021

By incentivizing speculation and corruption, minimizing the rewards for efficient work and sucking incomes dry with inflation, America has actually greased the skids to collapse. Of all the mass misconceptions running rampant in the culture, none is more marvelously delusional than the conviction that we can all get fabulously abundant from speculation while producing nothing. […]

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