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Prepping for the Coming Civil War

By Michael B. / October 1, 2018

I imagine you’ve been paying attention to the War on Kavanaugh that has raged over the last few weeks.  I’ve not personally watched a single moment of the hearings (except for that clip of Lindsey Graham showing a rare bit of courage). However, I did take notice when the USA Today noted that a second […]


Grid Down + Flooding = Misery and Death

By Michael B. / September 15, 2018

It’s 12:30pm on Saturday the 15th of September and I’m writing to you from Uptown in Charlotte, North Carolina.  More than 1 million people in this state have no electricity and are simultaneously bearing the brunt of what is left of Hurricane Florence. What we thought was going to be a fierce hurricane with 130mph winds […]


Three Ways Preppers End Up in FEMA Camps

By Michael B. / August 30, 2018

If you’re reading this article, I bet I can safely make the following assumptions: You’ve been diligently prepping for the next disaster for years now. You have your food & water stockpile… You’re ready to barter if money ever lose their value… You probably have a property defense plan laid out… And your bug-out-bag is […]

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