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The Coming Climate Crisis Shakedown in Scotland

By Sophia I / September 24, 2021

Make America Think Again! – Share Pat’s Columns … In 2016, an impossible event aborted the Paris climate plan. The Americans chose Donald Trump. Calling the Paris deal a rip-off of his nation, Trump swiftly pulled the U.S. out of the accords. Upon what premises? Put simply, America First. “Follow the cash!” The old maxim […]


Are the United States and China Stumbling Toward an ‘Islands War’?

By Sophia I / September 21, 2021

Make America Think Again! – Share Pat’s Columns … The second world war started in Europe when the British, Sept. 3, 1939, declared war on Germany over its invasion of Poland to recover what Berlin claimed were its territories … If World War III breaks out between China and the U.S., it is likely to […]


Americans Souring on Biden– and Washington

By Sophia I / September 17, 2021

Make America Think Again! – Share Pat’s Columns … With Biden’s numbers undersea total and on the three major issues– the economy, diplomacy and his handling of the coronavirus– Democrats have to be looking nervously at November 2022. The California recall election turned out well for the Democrats. With Gov. Gavin Newsom sinking in the […]


Who and What Is Tearing the US Apart?

By Sophia I / September 14, 2021

Make America Reconsider! – Share Pat’s Columns … What is Bush saying here? That Ashli Babbitt, the Flying force veteran shot to death attempting to get in the House chamber on Jan. 6, and Mohamed Atta, who drove an airliner into the North Tower of the World Trade Center in a massacre of near 3,000 […]


Twenty years after 9/11– Are We Much better Off?

By Sophia I / September 10, 2021

Make America Reconsider! – Share Pat’s Columns … Looking back at the half lots Mideast wars in which we have engaged since that first 9/11, where are we better off now than we were then? Al-Qaida, ISIS, Boko Haram and their versions have developed a presence in Arab, Asian and African nations far beyond Afghanistan. […]


Is Democracy Versus Autocracy the New Cold War?

By Sophia I / September 7, 2021

Make America Think Again! – Share Pat’s Columns … Are we really in an ideological war with Vladimir Putin’s Russia today, as we were throughout the Cold War with Stalin’s USSR? “He might be an SOB, but he’s our SOB.” So stated President Franklin D. Roosevelt of Nicaraguan totalitarian Anastasio Somoza, and how very American. […]


Cacophony and Confusion in Foreign Policy

By Sophia I / September 3, 2021

Make America Think Again! – Share Pat’s Columns… All these stories, photos and videos are indelibly fixed in America‚Äôs mind and inextricably linked to Joe Biden. They will forever define his legacy. And they have created a coalition of opponents and critics that may be sufficient to block or impede any bold foreign policy decision […]


Bad Moon Increasing for Biden– and Us

By Sophia I / August 31, 2021

Make America Think Again! – Share Pat’s Columns … So it was that, in the first August of the Biden presidency, the U.S. suffered defeat in its longest war, went through a humiliating evacuation under the guns of its enemies, continued to endure the worst plague in 100 years, and saw an intrusion of its […]


In Afghanistan, the Worst Is Yet to Come

By Sophia I / August 27, 2021

Make America Think Again! – Share Pat’s Columns … After Aug. 31, the fate of those left will be determined by the Taliban, and we will be made witness to the fate the Taliban imposes. This generation is about to learn what it means to lose a war. Say what you will about President Joe […]


The Bitter Fruits of Interventionism

By Sophia I / August 24, 2021

Make America Reconsider! – Share Pat’s Columns … One of the principal casualties of Kabul is the establishment’s grand vision of a U.S. foreign policy for the new century– where liberalism and democratic commercialism have actually won the battle for the future, and the U.S., triumphant in the Cold War, would lead the world in […]

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