Can You Really Help Other People Prepare?

When it comes to preparing we like to think we have it all figured out. Bug out bag…check. Food storage…check. Water storage and filters…check. But what do we do when it comes to our family and loved ones who what nothing to do with prepping and think we are wasting our time?

This has been a hot topic lately for Academy Members and members of the Facebook group, so first I would like to say thanks to everyone for giving Lisa and I the idea to talk and write about building a preparedness binder for the non-preppers in your life, and some possible ways to help get them more interested in preparedness.

Building a Preparedness Binder
First let me explain what I mean when I say building a preparedness binder for the non-prepared. This is different than the typical preparedness binder we have all heard about. If you don’t know what these are Mom With a Prep has a great article about what an emergency binder is. (continue reading)

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