Candle Making For Beginners

The use of candles for light and heat is known to have existed in ancient times. The remains of candles have been found in the caves of France. It is believed that cavemen used candles made out of animal fat while painting and etching on the walls. The Egyptians used candles as well by dripping beeswax onto leave stems.

The intended purpose of candles has changed a little in the modern world, though. Today, candles are more often designed to give off scents, not light. Still, candle making can be both a fun hobby/craft and a very profitable business venture. It provides you with the ability to create something unique and personalized while still making a living at your craft.

The body of a candle is generally made of paraffin wax, but beeswax can also be used. Paraffin wax is a natural wax that comes from plants, while beeswax is taken from honeybees (this is the substance the bees use to construct their honeycombs).

To start the process off, a wick is placed in the center of the wax before it dries. The wick is made of cotton fibers that have been braided together. The wick is very thin, but also very powerful. Candle makers have the option of using a thinner or wider wick to increase or decrease the size of the flame.

Safety is a very important part of candle making. The temperature of the hot wax can result in severe burns, and there is also the risk of fire. Make sure your candle making area is set up properly and that you have a fire extinguisher in the area. Clean up spills quickly as they will become very slick and be a serious slipping hazard.

To make candle making fun instead of frustrating, start with simple projects. This is a great opportunity for you to discover what works well with your set up and gives you the chance to make any necessary changes. Initially, work at implementing good safety habits and melting your wax at the proper temperatures. You will also want to experiment with your cooling process. Once you have these steps mastered, you’ll start to relax and the process will become more natural to you. This is the time to start experimenting with dyes, scents, and shapes for your candles.

The candle making process is easy to follow if you take your time and learn from your mistakes. Those who are impatient and take multitasking to an extreme will most likely not enjoy the art of candle making. However, it’s a very enjoyable project for those who are willing to dedicate the time to the process and who enjoy creating things. Best of all, candle making supplies are relatively inexpensive, so use the highest quality you can; this will help ensure your candles form well and burn properly.

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