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Homemade Ethanol

By James A. / February 14, 2020

Making ethanol gas at home is very possible and very easy. Ethanol is used to fuel vehicles, power tools, and pretty much anything with a gas powered motor. Making your own ethanol can save you a lot of money on your regular fuel bill, and it’s very easy to do, so why not?  The first, […]


Alcohol Will Be Critical to Your Survival; Learn Why

By Andrew J. / June 10, 2015

First a little background, a chemistry lesson if you will, before we get started. Ethyl alcohol or grain alcohol is also known as ethanol or even better known as “drinking alcohol”. Its chemical compound is C2H5OH, and it is produced by fermentation. Ethanol is, different from Isopropyl alcohol (C3H80), which is more commonly known as […]


Tips For Long Term Fuel Storage

By Andrew J. / May 27, 2015

Do your survival plans include long term fuel storage? If not…they should. Why? Because fuel provides options…and when it comes to survival, options are like gold. There are five primary fuels to consider storing: Firewood Gasoline Diesel Fuel Kerosene Propane And these fuels are necessary for: Creating heat (food/warmth) Running a standard generator or appliances […]