‘Cinderella’ Star Billy Porter Rants at Outfest Film Festival: ‘F**k SCOTUS’

Amazon Studios’ Cinderella star Billy Porter went on a politically-charged rant Thursday at the Outfest film festival in Los Angeles, proclaiming, “Fuck SCOTUS” while accepting his achievement award.

Porter even condemned Republicans who testified at the January 6 hearings against former President Donald Trump and his aides, stating, “None of you Republicans who are coming forward in these hearings right now are heroes — you are not heroes,” according to a report by Variety.

And in response to Republicans who stood by Trump, the actor reportedly proclaimed, “Fuck y’all, too!”

The Twilight Zone actor also claimed that left-wing voters got too comfortable before Trump was elected in 2016, adding, “Our messaging has to change.”

“We thought we won something — the Democrats, the progressives — we got civil rights, we got Roe v. Wade, we got marriage equality, all the rest,” he said. “We got a black president and then we all sat on our asses and ate Bon Bons for eight years and then the unthinkable happened.”

“We lost our vigilance,” Porter added. “It’s time for us to take that shit back.”

“Our 24-hour news cycle has forgotten to illuminate that the reason the pushback is so severe in this moment is because the change has already happened. We’re already here. Look at me!” Porter further exclaimed.

The actor went on to claim that “the change is already happening and we ain’t going back.”

“We are at war to save the soul of humanity,” Porter insisted. “Thoughts and prayers don’t mean shit. They don’t. Hate is an action. Love is an action. Peace is an action. So we have to choose love. We have to choose hope. We have to choose joy.”

This is not the actor’s first time putting his political biases on full display.

Last year he delivered an LGBTQ State of the Union and a year before that he performed at the DNC convention.

Watch below:

Last month, Porter attacked Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R), calling them “transphobes,” and claiming they are “anti-trans” due to their support for state policy shielding young children from sex-change drugs and procedures.

Last summer, the American Horror Story actor accused black Christians of “weaponizing the Bible” against the LGBTQ community.

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