Curtis Sliwa Detained Twice in a Week Opposing Migrants in NYC

Former New york city City mayoral prospect and Guardian Angels leader Curtis Sliwa was apprehended twice recently for opposing Mayor Eric Adams’ decision to leave an elderly nursing home for the function of housing migrants coming across the southern border.

Video video from LLN NYC shows Curtis Sliwa being detained for the 2nd time that week after giving an impassioned speech in front of hundreds of people, who in an act of civil disobedience blockaded the street.

“We need to take care of Americans initially. Migrants, illegals, to the back of the line,” Sliwa said, according to Fox News Digital. “Why do these illegal aliens get to jump the line and dive to the top and front of the line?”

Sliwa held the protest on Sunday in front of Midland Beach Migrant Shelter on Staten Island, which utilized to be Midland Beach Senior House.

The New York Post reported that the center was on the brink of being offered since in 2015:

The possibility of transforming the previous Midland Beach retirement home initially surfaced last year, when the 288-bed facility was on the brink of being offered, according to a report this month by the Staten Island Advance.

The sale suggested that 53 seniors would need to be moved from the assisted living facility– and regional pols raised worries that the website was being eyed for conversion to a migrant shelter.

Considering that last spring, 93,000 immigrants have actually flooded into New York City thanks to the Biden administration’s choice to lift Trump’s Covid-era Title 42, which permitted U.S. authorities to turn away migrants and asylum hunters to alleviate the spread of the coronavirus. A crisis has occurred both along the southern border and in sanctuary cities, and the Custom-mades and Border Defense (CBP) reported having 183,503 encounters with migrants along the nation’s southern border in July– a dive of more than 38,000 from June. More than 50,000 migrants are being cared for in New York City, according to

‘re going to keep driving this point home till you choose to be the mayor and represent American people who are residents of New York City who pay their taxes and pay for to put you

in a$5000 customized suit each and every day.”

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