David Stockman on Why the United States Should Stop Sending Money to Zelensky

If the truth be informed, we are getting sick and tired of the little piss-ant who runs the cease-pool of corruption, tyranny, deception and death called Ukraine. This clown– which’s what he is actually trained as– just can’t appear to stop stridently requiring cash, arms and support from the remainder of the world and lecturing everybody to fall under line otherwise.

In his real clown days, obviously, Volodymyr Zelensky was known for the act depicted below. But when it concerns the collective West, the latter appears to take pleasure in the fact that the Ukrainian president continues to bang away upon it, non-stop pounding out a melody of me, me and more.

However lately Zelensky has actually discussed the top, marketing the ugly canard that if we don’t allow him to fight “them” over there with everything and all that he requires by method of cash and weapons, we will soon bleed and die against “them” over here.

That’s the “Putin is going to get into Europe next and perhaps America too”, rubbish. It’s in fact groundless blithering idiocy, and yet Washington treats him as a brave ally and statesman:

“If any prospect thinks supporting Ukraine is too pricey, are they prepared to go to war? Are they prepared to eliminate? Send their children? Pass away?” Zelenskyy stated. “They will have to do it anyway if NATO enters this war, and if Ukraine fails and Russia inhabits us, they will carry on to the Baltics or Poland or some other NATO country. And after that the U.S. will have to choose in between keeping NATO or entering the war.”

Let’s cut to the chase. No American or NATO soldier is going to be fighting Putin’s army in Poland, Berlin or Belgium since the Russian army ain’t going there. Not in a month of Sundays.

Vlad Putin is no prince of men, but his war aims are restricted, rational and clear as a bell. To wit, as he alerted for 15 years, he does not want NATO rockets on his doorstep in Ukraine, simply as President Kennedy insisted about Khrushchev’s missiles 100 miles away in Cuba 61 years ago.

Also, he wants the Russian-speaking populations of the eastern Donbas area and the Black Sea rim, traditionally referred to as “Novorossiya” or New Russia, to have independent autonomy and security from military attack by the anti-Russian Kiev federal government, as per the Minsk arrangements. After all, those brutal attacks, which eliminated upwards of 14,000 mostly civilians, happened almost continually for eight years after the Washington-sponsored Maidan coup of February 2014. The latter had actually set up hostile proto-Nazi elements in the unelected and prohibited federal government stood up in Kiev by Victoria Nuland and her Washington gaggle of neocon hegemonists.

Simply put, what we have here is a Washington-triggered civil war in an area that has actually been either a Russian vassal or appendage for centuries and where the term “Ukraine” really implies “borderlands” in Russian.

Which’s not even the half of it. The borders of these extremely “borderlands” do not specify a nation or state that was the item of natural advancement and accretion over centuries. To the contrary, they are a 20th century artifact confected by three of the bloodiest tyrants in all of human history– Lenin, Stalin and Khrushchev. The only connection these black-lined borders shown below have to the history of the area is that they were drawn-up for reasons of totalitarian administrative benefit, not as an expression of social, ethnic, religious or economic affinities.

That is to state, Ukraine is a state that was not constructed to last; and, in truth, it barely outlasted its Soviet rulers after their death in 1991. For instance, throughout the 1994 governmental election the pro-Russian prospect, Leonid Kuchma, beat the incumbent and strident Ukrainian nationalist, Leonid Kravchuk.

As the map below explain, nevertheless, Kravchuk won overwhelming majorities of 89-95% in the western Ukraine regions (yellow and orange), which had actually historically belonged to Poland or the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. By the very same token, the pro-Russian Kuchma won the nationwide election because he racked up the exact same preponderant majorities (blue areas) in the eastern Donbas and southern Novorossiya areas. In the historic Russian province (given that 1783) of Crimea, in fact, Kuchma won 90% of the vote.

Electoral Map of Ukraine’s 1994 Presidential Election

Essentially, the very same extreme split in the electorate occurred election after election. During the last legitimate election held within the old communist borders of the nation during 201o, the above pattern was reproduced. This time Kuchma’s protege, Viktor Yanukovich, won the election by a hair by virtue of lop-sided margins in the historic Russian-speaking territories of the east and south (blue areas of the map).

On the other side, the Ukrainian nationalist and previous prime minister, Yulia Tymoshenko, amassed 80-90% margins in the center and west (red areas of the map).

Not remarkably, when the pro-Russian winner of the election from the blue areas was ousted from office by Washington in February 2014, the red location Ukrainian nationalists and their crypto-Nazi allies took control of the Kiev government and continued to outlaw the Russian language as its first act of federal government; and quickly afterwards released armed warfare when the 2 Donbas provinces declared themselves independent states.

At the end of the day, GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis was precisely best. The war in Ukraine is at bottom a “territorial disagreement” that has absolutely nothing to do with the homeland security of America or Zelensky’s outrageous lie that Putin is following NATO next.

And it most definitely has no bearing whatsoever on unreasonable abstractions like the guideline of law and the sanctity of borders. After all, when it concerns the latter, Washington is far and away the best border-violating, regime-changing outlaw in the post-war world.

In some genuine sense, the post-war peace conference has currently been held and the verdict remains in. We are referring to the de facto Ukrainian referendums on the illegitimate state that Lenin, Stalin and Khrushchev developed, and which the Washington neocons and War Party are identified to maintain at any expense, including going to the edge of nuclear war with Russia.

Time and once again the Ukrainian electorate efficiently elected partition, as considerably highlighted by the elector maps above.

So send Zelensky packing back to his funny show and let the blue states of the Ukrainian east and south have their own nations or return to the bosom of Mother Russia, from which these communities emerged throughout the 18th and 19th centuries.

That would end the carnage in a heart-beat, and would stop the senseless slaughter of Ukrainians and Russians alike– a human catastrophe that is beginning to match the heinous criminality of World War I trench warfare.

The implicit Peace of the Partition, nevertheless, could have an extra silver lining. It would expose the absolute mendacity of the Washington War Celebration and the reality that it is so desperate to rule the world that it will prop up even utter nincompoops like Zelensky to stay in the business of fighting falsely demonized beasts who are no threat at all to America’s real homeland security.

As we indicated just recently, it’s time to return to a Fortress America defense policy, which might be moneyed for a fraction these days’s $900 billion defense-a-palooza. And we would not have to waste our national treasure on un-useful idiots like Zelensky, either.

Editor’s Note: Sadly, there’s little any individual can practically do to alter the trajectory of this pattern in movement. The very best you can do is to stay notified so that you can secure yourself in the very best method possible, and even profit from the circumstance.

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