Democrat House Prospect Skips Votes to Suspend California Gas Tax

California Assemblyman and Democrat prospect running for the U.S. Legislature, Rudy Salas, missed out on 2 votes in the recent weeks to momentarily suspend the state’s gas tax, as gas costs have increased in the Golden State and throughout the country.

Salas did not vote on a plan offered by Republicans to suspend the state’s gas tax last weekand on Thursday, which reportedly had the prospective to conserve the state’s locals 50 cents a gallon. The strategy offered by Republicans in the Assembly stopped working both times by a party-line vote when it was offered. Nevertheless, Salas did not appear to vote for everything, either time.

On the very first vote last week, Salas was one of 18 other assembly members who did not vote, but his office stated that “Salas was not on the Flooring when the vote took place, his record is extremely clear when he was the only Assembly Democrat who voted ‘No’ on the gas tax.” Nevertheless, the Assembly Daily Journal significant him in presence during the day.

Salas was called out by National Republican Politician Congressional Committee (NRCC) spokesperson Torunn Sinclair for missing the 2nd vote. Soon after, Salas’ legislative director Aaron Vad called Sinclair a “potato” and declared the “absence was because of a family funeral service.”

However, in spite of the Democrat being absent for a funeral service, his office made it clear in his previous statements that he would have voted “no” if he showed up to either vote.

Sinclair kept in mind on a press release that this would have been the third time Salas has not voted to suspend or postpone the gas tax after avoiding a vote in 2019 as well. Sinclair stated that “Californians are paying the highest gas costs in the country, however Rudy Salas is too cowardly to vote to suspend the gas tax.”

However, Salas failing to vote on delaying the gas tax is not the very first time he has remained in hot water. In 2015, an ethics watchdog submitted a problem with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to investigate the assemblyman and his congressional project for allegedly using state project resources for his federal congressional race.

Breitbart News composed that the claims was for supposedly utilizing”state campaign assets for his federal project,” which “violates federal election laws, including contribution limits and reporting requirements.” Salas was using old signage from his state campaign for his federal election, which “breaches federal election laws” due to not being permitted to mix resources.

Jacob Happiness is a reporter for Breitbart News. You can follow him on Twitter.

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