DISCUSS: Riots throughout France

The past 5 days have actually seen nation-wide riots break out across France.

These occasions were allegedly set in movement the death of Nahel Merzouk, an Algerian-French teen shot by police after a cars and truck chase in Parisian residential area of Nanterre.

More particularly, when a “dripped” video that slightly opposed the cops’s version of occasions went “viral”, people took to streets, objecting the perceived violence and corruption of the cops.

Over the days these demonstrations have actually spread out city-to-city, getting more violent and devastating as they go. So far over 1000 automobiles have actually been burned in the street, and hundreds have been arrested. Police headquarters in several cities were fired. A jail was assaulted with fireworks. The biggest public library in Marseille likewise burned down.

Strangely, these demonstrations have even spread over nationwide borders to Belgium and Switzerland.

Surveys presumably show that over 75 & of France would support Macron if he chose to send out in the army. The mayor of a Parisian suburb was presumably the target of a intense assassination effort.

The descent into mayhem is all rather similar to the riots following George Floyd’s death in 2020.

Just as in France, the Floyd riots were set off by a “dripped” video going “viral”. There were other incidences which appeared to suggest project of purposeful incitement and provocation (for instance initial autopsy found cause of death to be heart attack, but a private medical inspector employed by the household disagreed and called it asphyxia).

Another parallel is the sudden, uniform and extreme escalation of the violence literally all over the nation.

Black Lives Matter protesters took to streets in 2020, just to find pallets of bricks conveniently left out for

their usage. In France there have actually been reported of rocket-propelled grenades being utilized, or automatic rifles– allegedly robbed from weapon stores. Looting is prevalent, with automobiles being rammed through store windows.

Obviously, all this is great fuel for yet another violently divisive political debate with 2 possibly equally unpleasant outcomes. Either you cheer on violence and turmoil, or you ask the state to bend its muscles and lockdown society again.

We’re currently seeing curfews being stated in some cities, and Macron is supposedly considering (yet another) state of emergency situation.

Is that completion video game here? What do you believe?

  • Are the riots organic or part of a psy-op?
  • What role will the army take moving forward?
  • Is Macron’s position threatened or not?
  • If so, who is his follower?
  • Will there be a new “state of emergency”?

In closing, I will state this: Staging country wide riots would be a good usage of an army of undocumented fighting-age young men you have actually smuggled into the nation under the guise of “refugees”.


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