Doug Casey on Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Why the Deep State Hates Him

International Male: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is challenging Joe Biden to be the Democratic nominee for the 2024 election.

Unlike a lot of Democrats, RFK Jr. is against intensifying the war in Ukraine and seems to be typically anti-war. Similarly, he’s not on board with a great deal of the woke madness.

His assistance among Democrats is around 20% since composing and increasing, fretting numerous establishment figures.

What’s your take?

Doug Casey: It’s regrettable for him that he belongs to the Democratic Celebration. They’ll treat him the method they dealt with Bernie Sanders. During the last two elections, if vox populihad anything to do with it, Bernie Sanders would’ve been the Dem candidate. The average Democrat loved him because he’s a fire-breathing socialist and well-being statist. But Bernie was a party outsider and a loose cannon. The powers that remain in the Democratic Celebration only nominate experts. They like frontmen who will reliably “play ball.” Kennedy has his own program, as did Sanders. That tells me that he does not have an opportunity of being chosen.

I have actually listened to a variety of recent Kennedy speeches. He invests a lot of time promoting peace and defending his views on COVID. Speaking as an anarcho-capitalist, whatever he said on those topics resonated with me.

He’s entirely opposed to not just the ridiculous war in the Ukraine however wars in basic. Naturally, he is famous for his views on vaccines. These are two of the major concerns today, and he seems 100% noise on both.

Nevertheless, he does not talk much about his financial policy; I believe he’s generally an FDR/LBJ combined economy man. I have not heard him address wokeism directly, however he stumbles upon as a traditional heterosexual. I don’t think he ‘d actively promote LGBT and so on, etc, like the existing administration. He’s a lifelong eco-warrior, so he’s on board with the international warming scam. He’s certainly anti-gun, though he is playing that down. He states he’s open to nuclear power– but not very open. His game is to appear experienced and sensible and to prevent pushing away Republican politicians.

He’s plainly really well-read. But feels a nearly hereditary commitment to follow in the steps of his father and his uncle.

All things thought about, he’s most likely the best prospect on the Dem side– for what that deserves. Probably not much since the Democrat Celebration is a rank cesspool, the wicked celebration, and he’s still a member.

International Guy: Whenever the mainstream media points out RFK Jr., they constantly beginning him with a pejorative, typically “conspiracy theorist” or “anti-vaxxer.”

There have been many celebrations where the media has actually outright censored him.

They relate any viewpoint that deviates from the mainstream consensus as so-called “disinformation,” which they don’t refute with much better ideas, truths, or logic but usage as an excuse to validate their censorship– a despicable practice.

What is truly happening with the media censoring RFK Jr.?

Doug Casey: One thing he constantly emphasizes is his dislike of the military-industrial complex. Particularly the CIA, however he appears to genuinely dislike powerful government agencies in basic. That suggests that the members of the Deep State see him as an opponent, someone who might break their rice bowls. They come out versus him not since he has a different approach, like Ron Paul, but because he’s an outsider threatening their bottom line.

The fact is that the powers-that-be, the military-industrial-corporate-academic-media complex, the Deep State if you will, are so dedicated to war in the Ukraine, vaccines, and wokeism that they almost can’t do an about-face at this moment.

Whether any of these people like him personally or not or like the Kennedy family’s usually statist policies, they’re committed to promoting their agenda and for that reason trying to debunk Bobby.

International Guy: Exactly what is the Deep State?

Why do they normally hate the Kennedy family and RFK Jr. in particular?

Doug Casey: All countries have a Deep State. The Deep State are individuals who manage and profit from the State. In the US, its high-level may include several thousand individuals. Heads of companies, leading congressmen and senators, generals, top corporate people, lenders, top university presidents and professors, leading state and big city officials, and so on. They equate to what were called the Nomenklaturain the Soviet Union. They pull all the strings, have tremendous power, and have big amounts of money streaming into their individual pockets. We can call them “top canines.”

Beneath them, in the Deep State, we have a number of million individuals that are comparable to the apparatchiksof the old Soviet Union. They’re middle supervisors under the top pets. They have great positions and get to give a great deal of orders. They’re low-level big shots. I like to call them “running pets.”

The numerous millions who accept these individuals, the masses who slavishly support the Deep State out of fear or habit, I call “whipped dogs.” They’re strictly pawns in the game. They’re senseless and delusional enough, thanks to schooling and propaganda, to believe they’re in control of a so-called “democracy.” Even though they’re 98% of the population, they do not count unless they go wild due to a serious war, depression, or other disaster.

Individuals in the Deep State deny their own presence. And no one has a membership card or an official decoder ring. But the Nomenklatura, and a lot of the apparatchiks, went to the exact same schools, come from the exact same clubs, and have the very same philosophy and worldview. They all live off the State, which in turn lives off the 98%, the whipped dogs.

So, why do they normally hate the Kennedy household, and RFK Jr. in particular?

In his current speech at St. Anselm College, he pointed out that his uncle, JFK, wished to break the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the wind. RFK Jr. wants to follow what he thinks are the steps of his daddy and his uncle, not follow instructions from the Deep State.

He’s fervently, and it appears truly, anti-war. In today’s world, the United States government, through the CIA, the Defense Department, and other firms, heads out of its way to antagonize other nations, consisting of nuclear-armed countries like Russia and China. I believe he comprehends we’re a hair activate far from World War III, and he wishes to de-escalate. Bravo. It’s idiotic for a decreasing and sclerotic empire to act difficult and select fights.

And he points out that when his uncle remained in office, the advisors around him, the Nomenklatura, all pumped for more foreign intervention, more military costs, and more military adventures all over the world. This is true with Deep States everywhere worldwide.

The worst man in a federal government is not always the man right on top. His strings are usually pulled by the consultants around him. They really steal most of the cash also.

International Guy: How do you see the 2024 primaries and presidential election unfolding in the months ahead?

Doug Casey: It’s out of the concern that the demented, incoherent old Joe Biden will run. Something will happen prior to the election to prevent that.

The fact that Kamala Harris and Mayor Pete are frontrunners demonstrates how broken down the Dem Celebration truly is. It appears that Gavin Newsom, the devastating guv of California, is a possibility. He’s slick, looks good, and speaks coherently– even though absolutely everything he promotes is dreadful.

On the Republican side, who knows whether Donald Trump will get the nomination or not? There have to do with a lots other Republicans who want to be President. A few of them, like Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, Liz Cheney, and Nikki Haley, are loathsome. For all Trump’s faults, they ‘d likely be worse than Trump. Ron DeSantis has actually made some enticing relocations in the past few years but appears to be an animal of the Bushes; I’m not a fan. He’s simply another venal political leader.

It’s completely possible that Kennedy, realizing that he’s going to be shut out, will begin a 3rd party or perhaps run as part of the Constitution Party, though that’s not likely because it’s on the tally in just 13 states. It’s possible that Trump will likewise run as a third-party candidate if the Republicans shut him out.

Could either Trump or Kennedy run as a Libertarian? Neither is even from another location a libertarian. Neither even has a philosophical core. But the Libertarian Party doesn’t have a philosophical core any longer either, evidenced by the truth that they ran statists like Bob Barr and William Weld as candidates. The Libertarians would probably welcome any huge name just to reveal that they’re actually gamers. Pity, actually.

Since the armed force is about the only aspect of the United States federal government that still has a degree of trust and respect from Americans, it’s possible that both Dems and Reps will pick a basic to run. Things might be chaotic enough in 2024 that the country will be ripe for a” strong guy.”

There’s even an outside possibility– dare I state it?– that there will be no election if the economy, the society, or some war gets too out of control. After all, in our 51st state, the Ukraine, Zelensky has canceled their elections.

In any event, I’ll wager that the Democrats will win for much of the exact same 6 reasons why I selected the Democrats to win in 2020.

International Man: What do you recommend people do to prepare for the possibility of increasing political chaos in the United States?

Doug Casey: It’s important to keep in mind that although many members of the police and the armed force are decent and normally conservative individuals, they will follow orders, even if they don’t like them. That’s due to the fact that they’re trained to do so. However likewise due to the fact that they don’t wish to get into difficulty; they all have home payments, car payments, charge card payments, and other financial obligations. They can’t pay for to lose their tasks– a quite different vibrant than held true in the Revolution or the 19th century.

They’ll do what they’re told. That’s a real threat when you have Jacobins in control of the device of the State, as we now do.

As far as the typical American is worried, including those reading this now, battling versus the State threatens and difficult as an useful matter. Doing so will just lead to your being rounded up and locked up.

It would resemble what occurred on January 6th, multiplied by a hundred. Fuhgedabowdit.

I’ve said for many years that the United States is on the verge of a real civil war since the factions in the country truly dislike each other, and they simply can’t communicate. If things get truly alarming, it might be a good idea to be abroad, simply as it was a good idea to be out of the country throughout the war Between the States from 1861 to 1865.

It’s too bad the US no longer has the equivalent of California in 1860, a place you could go, seek chance, and remain uninvolved with all the foolishness.

Make some contingency strategies. However remember, time is short.

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