Even the Aliens Are Dull

Everything is boring, even the aliens.

Sometimes truth is best exposed tongue-in-cheek, that is, in semi-serious banter instead of allegedly severe analysis.

Think about the recent flood-tide of “news” about extraterrestrial automobiles, a.k.a. UFOs and UAPs–(previously Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, now Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena, to consist of underwater phenomena.

Prolific podcaster (1,314 podcasts and counting) Tommy Corrigan and I dealt with the UAP mystery– why are UAPs now an officially sanctioned “thing”?– in a free-form discussion, Aliens Are Boring (1:08 hrs).

As you can tell from the title of our podcast, the fact is the Powers That Be have actually handled to make the aliens boring. Rather than the “revelations” being “sensational” or “stunning,” the entire workout was as boring as everything else the PTB handle.

Changing what could be the most significant story in history into a boring committee meeting devoid of any real proof is quite an achievement. As Tommy suggested, what would qualify as “interesting” would be Presidents Xi, Putin and Biden appearing on stage together to reveal a worldwide consortium to deal with the alien presence, and video of recovered alien bodies and spacecraft wreckage.

Rather, we got a boring committee meeting with sworn testament, i.e. a nothing-burger of rehashed pilot accounts from the New York Time’s 2017 report. 2 Navy Airmen and an Item That ‘Accelerated Like Absolutely Nothing I have actually Ever Seen’

In a word, boring. Tic-Tacs, dishes, hovering lights, blah-blah-blah.

The only intriguing aspect of the entire charade is the concern, why now? The concern, cui bono, to whose advantage?, stays unanswered. Who gains from the distraction or the story?

OK, we get the PR cover story. The American public deserves to know,, National Security is at stake, and so on. However what’s the real inspiration? Who gains from this stage-managed introduction of odd stuff that’s been ridiculed and dismissed by the Powers That Be for 75 years?

The most likely response to numerous is this is just a larger-scale rollout of the typical False Flag template: a danger has actually emerged which we should counter. The template is worn at the edges since it’s been utilized many times. For instance, North Vietnamese warships fired on US Navy vessels, so we really had no option however to introduce a multi-year bombing project including thousands of aircraft and military personnel that cost lots of their lives and misused many billions of dollars.

Never mind the “attack” was fabricated for PR purposes. It worked great, as it constantly does. The public rallies around greatly increased “defense” spending and skeptical inquiries are derided as “unpatriotic”/ harmful to National Security.

Due to its over-use, the general public is lastly smart to the template, and so how much traction this rollout of the alien threat to National Security will have is not yet noticeable.

Till the public gets to see the alien remains on ice and the shattered spacecraft bits, it’s a non-starter.

Even more down the “truthiness” chain, we ask: why are the aliens as boring as whatever else? Tommy and I talk about the possibility– again, tongue-in-cheek– that the Powers That Be are themselves so bored by their control of all the machinery of the modern-day world that they chose to unleash the alien wild-card as an unusual “what the heck” moment of liberty from the needs of controlling whatever, simply to see where it goes.

People habituate rather rapidly to continuous hysterical crises. The crises pile up and we tune out. Those generating the crises for the advantage of various gamers start recognizing the unlimited crises are slipping inexorably into the very same uninteresting trough as entertainment, “news”, AI (LLMs, blah-blah-blah), economics, politics and the rest of the firmly managed narratives.

Where’s the outrage”? It stressed out long ago. There’s absolutely nothing left but the mind-dulling, hyper-boring derangement of channel-surfing and the social-media/ TikTok/ Just Fans scroll of repeated rubbish. Crises, shmises, offer me something new.

Sorry, there isn’t anything that’s in fact new– it’s just the exact same old worn out craze of crisis, over-acting, existential threats, secret cabals, terrorists who hate our freedoms, tricked-up data, counterfeit exposes, celeb apologies, blah-blah-blah, all planned to spin the money-maker, our attention, the courteous word for dependency.

We habituate to stimulus of any kind, even the addicting variety. Just as the Ibogaine dose has to be continuously increased to get the very same effect, till there’s no impact at all, the Powers That Be need to continuously increase the dosage of crisis, frenzy, drama, dangers, delights, fake exposes, and so on to keep the stories functioning as meant: disruptive, deranging and fragmenting the increasingly burned-out, bored audience.

Simply put, maybe, just perhaps, the UAP/ aliens story being released into the wild is the outcome of the Powers That Be’s own tremendous dullness. Running the machinery is so tiresome and foreseeable that how can it not be boring?

Or, as some expect, the “UAPs are now a thing” story is the cover for the unveiling of the weaponization of area that’s already well underway. That would be mildly interesting, but to the degree it’s currently been expected, it too would rapidly move into the uninteresting bin.

The problem might well be terminal monotony with the whole shebang. Whatever has been so relentlessly hyped to get “attention” that the dose now surpasses the event horizon of any possible impact: the shouting, screaming cacophony of “news”, crises, dangers, revelations, scandals, cover-ups, PR, marketing, narrative-control, betting, video gaming, threadbare outrage, fake data, etc no longer move the needle. Whatever is boring, even the aliens.

If you want to listen to another hour of “experts” going over the phony inflation information/ cover-up/ conspiracy-theory du jour, this isn’t it. This is pure free-form enjoyable, a minimum of for Tommy and I. Aliens Are Boring (1:09 hrs). (Periodic free-form blasphemy.)

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