Former Neighbor Stands Strong as Megan Fox Threatens Him: ‘I Have Jesus so I’ll Never Worry Witchcraft’

Robby Starbuck– the Christian conservative who infuriated starlet Megan Fox by claiming her children are “forced” to wear girls’ clothing– is standing strong as she threatens him, declaring, “I have Jesus so I’ll never ever fear witchcraft.”

“I have Jesus so I’ll never ever fear witchcraft,” Starbuck stated in reaction to Fox, who took off at him on social media over the weekend, threatening the podcaster with referrals to witchcraft after his post implicating her of “kid abuse” went viral.

“These are Megan Fox’s children. We utilized to reside in the exact same gated community and our kids dipped into the park. I saw 2 of them have a full on breakdown stating they were required by their mama to wear girls clothing as their nanny attempted to console them,” Starbuck composed on Twitter.

“It’s pure child abuse. Wish them,” he added.

The Transformers actress responded by stating, “You fucked with the incorrect witch” and sharing a bizarre picture of a nearly-nude lady reportedly “holding a carcass-eating ritual,” adding a sticker label on the picture that checks out “me outside rob starbucks home.”

“Exploiting my child’s gender identity to gain attention in your political campaign has put you on the wrong side of the universe,” Fox’s tirade read, in part. “I have been burned at the stake by insecure egotistical impotent little men like you sometimes and yet I’m still here.”

“You fucked with the incorrect witch,” the actress concluded.

That’s when Starbuck reacted by brushing off Fox’s risks, mentioning his confidence that Jesus Christ will safeguard him from any spiritual attacks and adding that he will pray for her children.

“I lived in the very same gated community as you in Calabasas. Our kids played together there. Ask your baby-sitter. She was the one bringing them to the park, not you,” Starbuck, a music video director turned conservative influencer, added in his response.

Starbuck published a video to his Instagram page wrapping up the controversy and restating his message directed at Fox. “Megan can accuse me of doing this for a political campaign, however I do not have a political campaign,” he stated. “And beyond that, she called me a clout chaser, however I’m not the one doing a blood-drinking ritual for attention.”
In 2019, Fox declared her boy wearing dresses to school instills confidence in him. She has made headings over the past couple of years for Hellish hijinks with her rapper-rocker fiancĂ©e Gatling gun Kelly– drinking each other’s blood and performing a fetishistic parody of the Last Supper, for example.

The starlet just recently was a cover design for Sports Illustrated‘s annual Swimwear Edition.

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