German Courts Are Going FULL Dystopia

It’s been an impressive number of days for German judges. Well, “impressive” if you have actually been living in a cave for the last four years.

Many of you likely already know that satirist and playwright (and regular OffG contributor) CJ Hopkins is being prosecuted in Germany for “distributing propaganda, the contents of which are planned to advance the goals of a previous National Socialist company,”

All since the cover of his book has a swastika on it.

Needless to state, the charges are unreasonable. Insultingly so. You can check out CJ’s first-hand account of this nonsense here and here.

Anybody who isn’t a) dumb or b) delusional can clearly see these charges have nothing to do with a stock-image swastika, and everything to do with the material of the book. Simply put, they are politically determined charges brought versus an author for slamming the state. The extremely essence of dystopian tyranny.

… and the other day he was convicted.

He now faces 60 days in prison or a 3600 Euro fine.

That’s case one, and as we state one you are most likely acquainted with if you’re regular readers.

Something you probably have not heard is that, just today, a different German court sentenced a former judge to 2 years in jail.

His crime? Ruling that mask mandates in schools were not constitutional.

The case goes back to April 8th 2021, when Weimar District Household Court judge Christiaan Dettmar ruled that two schools in the district a) could not implement mask requireds, b) needs to continue in-person classes and c) could not require students to evaluate for “Covid”.

From Human Rights Blog Site:

The court case was a kid defense case under to ยง 1666 paragraph 1 and 4 of the German Civil Code (BGB), which a mother had started for her 2 boys, aged 14 and 8 respectively, at the regional Family Court. She had argued that her kids were being physically, mentally and pedagogically harmed without any advantage for the kids or 3rd parties. At the same time, she declared this made up an infraction of a range of rights of the kids and their moms and dads under the law, the German constitution (Grundgesetz or Basic Law) and worldwide conventions.

After listening to statement from professional witnesses, the judge ruled in favour of the mother, composing in his decision:

These are the threats [to mask requireds] The kids are not only threatened in their mental, physical and mental well-being by the responsibility to wear face masks throughout school hours and to keep their range from each other and from other persons, however they are likewise already being harmed. At the very same time, this violates many rights of the kids and their moms and dads under the law, the constitution and worldwide conventions.

2 weeks after bying far this ruling, his home and office were robbed by the cops and his mobile phone was seized.

And now, 2 years later, he was found guilty of “judicial misbehavior” and at first offered 2 years in prison (the court has since suspended the sentence). “Judicial Misconduct”, for just disagreeing with the government.

Free speech is the first and most crucial liberty, without it nobody is truly free. An independent judiciary is a must to maintain any sort of justice, judges who just nod in addition to government edicts are the foundation of authoritarian states.

The voice of the individuals and the power of the courts– ideally– work together to hold the federal government to account.

And yet, whether in the judiciary or the arts, the German legal system is now a machine for criminalizing and penalizing dissent of any kind.

… I ‘d make a comparison to another German federal government that used to operate in a similar way, but I really can’t afford a 4000 euro fine.


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