It Is All Sushi

Sylvia Shawcross

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900″/ > I comprehend Easter Island now. Those heads and bodies big on the horizon of the islands staring superbly out to the world as if to state “I am here.” Awaiting the ships. Awaiting pal or enemy to show up with all their foreign ways and presumptive gods and pretzels. So they can stand there on that isolated lonely coast resolute in stone with absolutely nothing to explain but who they were and that they exist. Made by conviction and faith and communal resolve. To stand in testament. To stand as stone against the moving sky and restless waters.

With the loss of Tucker Carlson from what some consider best mainstream media, the Alt media have actually developed their huge heads and are awaiting the immigrants shipwrecked now on their coast to find them. So they can hear them rather of all those incorrect gods in suits and ties and scented coloured gowns who played with their reality like a Found hyena with a Brush trailed possum.

And now, having stated all of it before, they need to state it all once again. For the brand-new ones. Where once they stood as stone against the darkening tide of censorship as if to say “Do not f * k with us,” now they state fluidly, melliferously “We are here.”

Mainstream media left and best let us down. That’s what they state. And well they should. It was never news. They didn’t do their task. Or did they? Every job has an employer and every manager has a mission. And everybody wants to make money.

Often we forget who stated something that made us believe but someone I wish I kept in mind said although it is most likely typical knowledge now that it was a lie to say governments were dictating to the media. That in reality, it was the media determining to the government. I wish now I ‘d never listened to whoever the hell stated that because now when I pick to think of this I’m left all cynical and outraged and rather irritated.

Well of course that holds true. It was as clear as the nose on your face and the mole on your nose and the hair on the mole on your nose and the spiked-up DNA in that hair. Why ever did we not see it? We require new glasses. However then, perhaps thats not real either. Possibly there are no noses for those glasses. What do we truly know? If truth is supposedly all simply built imagination. We can all pretend the military industrial complex and the banksters aren’t running the whole show that way.

Anyway … the whole point is pretzels are better for you than donuts.

Because of that we will choose the donut over the pretzel each time. It has icing often and gooey innards and also it is simpler to swallow. This is why alt media much better be sweet over salted today. If they want to be heard. This is what I think and I don’t frequently do that any longer. It is far too challenging. Yeah, the fact of today is ugly but the pledge of a future can be built. Great or bad. Take your pick. Also, just so you know, those large things on the top of the Easter Island heads were clearly jelly donuts.

However never mind all that. I’ve determined a method to watch the United Nation sessions and rather of outrage, fear, horror and unhappiness there is fun. You’ll need to a little alter the method you do things but it is not difficult, even for a luddite such as myself. You switch off the noise and switch on closed captioning and presto! It’s a whole brand-new world. This is particularly enjoyable for UN sessions as apparently Expert system doesn’t actually translate in all cases however makes up words in English directly for foreign language pronunciation. And this obviously is what we might need to eagerly anticipate till AI determines what it is doing. Well … we hope it will perhaps.

The worst-case scenario is if AI really thinks this is genuine data and starts running the world appropriately.

Just the other day I was seeing Lavrov go over how “gorillas like Ionian boots” and that “veranda yeast” is a problem with Ukraine and “up until kittycats erode” there will be no peace. This is certainly likewise the issue in China he discussed whose “gelatin coughs” were triggering issues with the storage and circulation of “pumpkin potash.” And all those Russian reporters left out from the conferences were put on the “soapstone admissions list,” which triggered “a hippo’s dream.” And “so”, said Lavrov concerning the world circumstance and according to closed captioning, “so it is all sushi.”

And there you have it: So it is all sushi.

Here’s an earworm:

There are just two methods to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
Albert Einstein

PS. And yes I utilized the word “melliferous” as in “a plant which produces substances that can be gathered by pests and turned into honey” to illustrate prospective functions for Alt media intentions but possibly that was way too obtuse concerned think of it. As it all is, if it isn’t sushi.

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