Michigan AG Nessel Charges Trump Electors with ‘Forgery,’ In Spite Of JFK Precedent

Michigan Attorney General Of The United States Dana Nessel revealed forgery charges Tuesday versus 16 alternate electors for President Donald Trump in 2020, despite existing precedent– by Democrats– in using alternate electors.

Nessel, an extremely partisan figure who advised President Joe Biden to close a crucial regional oil pipeline, and once joked that she desired “a drag queen for every school,” revealed the charges, which are the first of their kind.

In a statement, she said:

“The incorrect electors’ actions undermined the public’s faith in the integrity of our elections and, our company believe, likewise plainly broke the laws by which we administer our elections in Michigan,” said Nessel. “My department has actually prosecuted many cases of election law infractions throughout my period, and it would be malfeasance of the best magnitude if my department stopped working to act here in the face of frustrating proof of an organized effort to prevent the lawfully cast tallies of countless Michigan voters in a governmental election.”

These accuseds are alleged to have met discreetly in the basement of the Michigan Republican politician Party headquarters on December 14th, and signed their names to several certificates stating they were the “appropriately chosen and qualified electors for President and Vice President of the United States of America for the State of Michigan.” These false files were then sent to the United States Senate and National Archives in a collaborated effort to award the state’s electoral votes to the candidate of their choosing, in location of the prospects in fact chosen by the individuals of Michigan.

The Trump project created numerous slates of alternate electors. This was not an effort to create “fake” or “fraudulent” electors to fool authorities, but rather to provide a legal treatment in the event the election outcomes were overturned. The fear was that if a court, or a state legislature, invalidated the Electoral College vote of Michigan or another closely objected to state, those votes would not be granted to Trump without electors.

Democrats themselves utilized this technique in the 1960 election, a close race in between Vice President Richard Nixon (R) and Sen. John Kennedy (D-MA).

President John F. Kennedy smokes a stogie throughout a Democratic fundraising dinner at the Commonwealth Armory at Boston University. (Getty)

As Politico when noted, Kennedy utilized alternate electors in Hawaii:

Nixon’s Hawaii electors satisfied and cast their three votes in an official ceremony. But close by, Kennedy’s 3 elector candidates gathered and signed their own certificates, providing them to Washington as though Kennedy had actually won the state.

Until now, it’s been uncertain whether the 1960 case of the Kennedy electors was genuinely analogous to 2020 Trump electors. However the unofficial Democratic certificates, gotten by POLITICO from the non-digitized files of the National Archives, reveal the 3 Kennedy electors signed files that are extremely similar to the false Trump-elector certificates.

Instead, the Hawaii Democrats used practically the exact same language that the incorrect [sic] Trump electors in five states utilized in their effort to upend the 2020 race. In those documents– from Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia– the pro-Turmp [sic] activists explained themselves as “appropriately elected and certified.” In two other states, Pennsylvania and New Mexico, Trump allies submitted alternative elector slates but included a caution: their votes would only be counted if ongoing court fights broke in favor of Trump.

In the 1960 case, a state judge stated that the Democrats’ effort to produce an alternative slate of electors was “a crucial step that preserved their ability to be counted,” Politico kept in mind. Ultimately, a recount showed that Kennedy had actually won the state, and the informal Democratic electors were then certified by the state. Both lists of electors were sent out to Congress; Nixon, presiding over the Senate, accepted the Democratic slate and his defeat.

The so-called “fake electors” case is stated to be central to Unique Counsel Jack Smith’s examination of Trump and his project. Former President Trump said Tuesday he had actually been notified he was a target of the query.

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