MTG on White Home Drug Scandal: ‘First Household Ought To Send to Drug Test’

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) called on President Joe Biden and his family to send to drug screening after drug was discovered in the West Wing of the White Home in early July.

The Trick Service closed its examination last week into who left drug in a cubbyhole in the West Wing, the company stating that it was “not able” to “single out an individual of interest” since of an absence of physical proof. Nevertheless, a security source has opposed the Secret Service, telling Soldier of Fortune magazine White House authorities have actually validated who brought drug into the White House through fingerprint analysis. Some veteran private investigators have actually stated they think the Trick Service is engaging in a “cover-up.”

“I had a classified instruction with my (Committee on Oversight and Responsibility) members with Trick Service, and I don’t think we’ll ever learn whose drug it remained in the White House,” Greene told Breitbart News during an interview on Saturday in West Palm Beach, Florida. “Due to the fact that the day we had the briefing, just this previous week, Secret Service told us they were closing their examination the extremely next day, and they have no concept who it is.”

Greene alleged that the Trick Service has a list of “roughly 500 people that they have as a prospective suspect list” however decided not to drug test and did not find any usable finger prints.

“Well, you know, the majority of Americans have to go through a drug test just to get used or as a routine part of their employment. Athletes need to go through drug tests to be on a sports group. Drug tests are common, however they are declining to drug test any of these individuals. They’re refusing to do anything with fingerprints and things like that,” the congresswoman alleged.


Jack Knudsen/ Breitbart News

“I believe it’s truly a pity none people will ever discover whose drug it is,” she included. “But I think the First Household need to send to a drug test. If anyone has a concern with that, I’m great– I’ll do a drug test too. But I wish to see Joe Biden, I want to see Hunter Biden and the First Family and all of the White Home personnel do a drug test.”

Katherine Hamilton is a political press reporter for Breitbart News. You can follow her on Twitter @thekat_hamilton.

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