Outrage over George W Bush 9/11 Speech Attacking American ‘Extremists’

Lots of media and political figures revealed outrage online after previous President George W. Bush appeared to utilize his speech honoring the 20th anniversary of 9/11 to compare January 6 Capitol protesters to the Islamic terrorists who viciously assaulted America, killing almost three thousands innocents and wounding more than double that number.

Speaking at the 9/11 memorial service for Flight 93 in Pennsylvania, Bush recalled the September 11 attacks while caution of future terrorist dangers to the United States.

“We have seen growing proof that the threats to our nation can come not just across borders but from violence that collects within,” he said.

Mentioning American citizens who stormed Capitol Hill to object the 2020 election, the former president mentioned:

There is little cultural overlap between violent extremists abroad and violent extremists in the house. But in it’s disdainful pluralism, in their disregard for human life, in their determination to defile national signs, they are children of the very same foul spirit and it is our continuing responsibility to confront them.

In reaction to the comparison, many took to Twitter to express outrage.

“There is no contrast between 9/11/2001 & 1/6/2021,” tweeted ACT for America, a grassroots motion “devoted to maintaining America’s culture, sovereignty and security.”

“George W Bush is an imbecile,” the group added.

“The only location Bush need to be on 9/11 is answering to the American individuals for all his lies,” Washington Congressional candidate and retired Army Unique Forces chief warrant officer Joe Kent composed.

“Instead he’s just revealing us that the regime is not simply one party, it’s the gentility that abhors us & is refrained from doing exploiting us,” he included.

“George Bush is a fraud!” stated conservative comedian Terrence K. Williams.

“This clown compared Jan 6th to 9/11,” he included. “What an insult. It’s not even close.”

“When Occupy Democrats is cheering George W Bush you may be puzzled if you have not been taking note,” political correspondent Jack Posobiec composed.

“Bush is publicly comparing 9/11 to Jan 6,” he wrote in another tweet. “They desire Trump supporters treated like jihadists.”

“Are you taking note yet?” he added.

he added. Among Bush’s lots of failures was to saddle the U.S. with DHS & TSA, permanently treating residents as

“I agree with President Bush, domestic terrorists like ANTIFA and BLM, are similar to Islamic extremists,” former Nevada State GOP chairman Amy Tarkanian wrote.

. I don’t understand how George W. Bush could even say something like that lots of Trump supporters are the same that addressed the call to arms from Bush. Many lost their lives or incapacitated doing so.

. Bush provided a speech on 9/11 today and all I heard was that men like me– who fought under him AND his father– were a terrorist risk to our country. He’s garbage and I’m made with him and his whole cabal.– Kurt Schlichter

(@KurtSchlichter )September 11, 2021″When Bush condemns’ domestic extremists, ‘he’s NOT discussing Antifa or extreme BLM rioters. He’s discussing the Deplorables, about us

, “previous Trump campaign senior adviser Steve Cortes wrote.”He likewise attacks the very individuals he sent out to combat and pass away in his devastating wars,”he added.”He’s the worst president ever.”When Bush condemns”domestic extremists,”he’s NOT talking about Antifa or radical BLM rioters. He’s speaking about the Deplorables, about us. He also assails the very people

he sent to combat and die in his disastrous wars. He’s the worst president ever.pic.twitter.com/YOa8ZE2QOJ– Steve Cortes (@CortesSteve )September 12,

. On a solemn day– where many of us are paying respect to the lives of those who were lost through remembrance, prayer, and acts of service– Bush is crafting the story that AMERICANS are the brand-new terrorists. What a definitely ill individual

and an embarrassment to our Country. https://t.co/CkTnveCJxJ– Rep. Anthony Sabatini(@AnthonySabatini)September 11, 2021″

While Republicans heaped criticism on Bush’s remarks, Democrats applauded the former president in spite of their long time disdain for him. According to journalist Glenn Greenwald

,”Liberals swooned mentally”for the former president”because they crave his War on Horror, but just desire it released domestically at their political opponents.”He also declared that hearing Bush” link 9/11 with 1/6″was”euphoria” for them.

buddy,” he stated,”for your powerful and much-needed words on this challenging day.”Thank you, my buddy, for your effective and much-needed words on this difficult day. https://t.co/N2XhRMGKV4– Expense Clinton(@BillClinton )September 12

, 2021″ Bush is right,”wrote longtime Democratic political operative David Axelrod.”A number of the very same people who are clamoring about the threat of terrorism from abroad are ignoring-and even enabling-the more urgent hazard of domestic terrorism like the insurrection of 1/6,”he included. Bush is right. Many of the same individuals who are demanding about the risk of terrorism

from abroad are ignoring-and even enabling-the more immediate danger of domestic terrorism like the insurrection of 1/6.– David Axelrod(@davidaxelrod)September 11, 2021 “George W. Bush is right,”the Democratic Coalition tweeted.”We need to constantly

remain watchful versus terrorist extremists both in your home and abroad.””And we can not rest until all of Trump’s traitorous, insurrectionist foot soldiers deal with justice,”the group added. George W. Bush is right– we must always remain vigilant against terrorist extremists both in your home and abroad. And we can not rest till all of Trump’s traitorous, insurrectionist foot

soldiers face justice #NeverForget https://t.co/KIQ4iDtoyt– Democratic Union

(@TheDemCoalition)September 11, 2021″Even George W. Bush now recognizes Trump, his supporters and those who directly got involved

in the 1/6 Coup effort are terrorists– surely as the 9/11 ones were,”former ESPN and MSNBC character Keith Olbermann,

wrote.”I’ll state it once again: Trump damaged America in a way Bin Laden only dreamed of,”he added. And there it is. Even George W. Bush now acknowledges Trump, his advocates and those who directly took part in the 1/6 Coup attempt are terrorists– certainly as the 9/11 ones were. I’ll state it again: Trump harmed America in such a way Bin Laden just dreamed of pic.twitter.com/9BJbPnxqWN– Keith Olbermann( @KeithOlbermann)September 11, 2021 Follow Joshua Klein on Twitter


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