See: MTG Reveals Stills from Hunter’s Alleged Pornography at Hearing

The Justice Department brought no charges against Hunter Biden for illicit sex, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) mentioned with graphic images throughout congressional testimony of internal revenue service agents.

Hunter Biden agreed in June to plead guilty to two federal tax infraction charges and one infraction of gun laws, regardless of proof presented by Greene that Hunter Biden presumably breached the Mann Act. The law criminalizesthe transportation of “any woman or lady for the function of prostitution or debauchery, or for any other unethical function.”

“During your testimony with your home Ways and Way Committee, you stated that through bank records, you determined Hunter Biden was paying prostitutes connected to a prospective prostitution ring. Is that proper?” Greene asked internal revenue service Representative Joseph Ziegler, who testified prior to Congress.

“Yes, that’s right,” he said.

Joseph Ziegler identified himself Wednesday as a 13-year award-winning veteran of the company, who declares President Joe Biden’s Justice Department (DOJ) politically interfered in the criminal probe of Hunter Biden.

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“You specified that the prosecutorial team was investigating violations of the Mann Act. Is that appropriate? Mr. Ziegler?” Greene asked.

“That is right,” Ziegler responded.

“Concerning the Mann Act, if a person is transferred throughout state lines for sexual activity, such as prostitution, that might be a violation of a federal law. Is that right?” Greene asked.

“I really just recently took a look at the federal law concerning Mann Act, and I think that is proper, but I would refer you to the DOJ manual,” Ziegler specified.

Greene then held up a series of images prior to Ziegler of illegal and salacious activity by Hunter Biden with females and questioned the witness if Hunter Biden committed criminal activities:

“I would like to present this to the committee,” she said. “This [image] is showing Hunter Biden paid for a victim’s United Airlines flight from LA to Dulles. I think this is a violation of the Mann Act,” she stated.

“And I want to explain that if he was buying her an aircraft ticket for sex and taking a trip across state lines, do you think that to be an offense of the Mann Act, Mr. Ziegler?” Greene asked.

“I can talk with specifically what remains in my records relating to the Mann Act,” he said prior to conferring with his lawyer.

“Regarding Mann Act violations, what we can do is– given by the statute– we can turn those over to Home Ways and Method Committee, and after that they can decide to vote to turn them over to you,” he stated.

Greene then held up a different image of Hunter Biden performing sexual show a person Greene said was a paralegal.

“Can you verify, for me, that Hunter Biden had written off payments to woman of the streets through his law practice?” she asked. “This is not truly what many paralegals do for law office.”

“I appreciate the concern– given by the statute I am restricted in my statement today, and I respectfully would require to turn those records over to the House Ways and Way Committee,” he replied.

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