Sound of Freedom Producer: Disney, Netflix, Amazon Declined Us

Disney, Netflix, Amazon, and other studios turned down Sound of Freedom, manufacturer Eduardo Verástegui informed Breitbart News throughout a special interview at the Turning Point Action Conference in West Palm Beach, Florida, over the weekend, giving magnificence to God for His faithfulness and the success of the film.

Verástegui detailed the film’s journey in an interview with Breitbart News days ahead of previous President Donald Trump hosting a watching of the box office surprise at his club in Bedminster, New Jersey, on Wednesday.

” Firstly, I am so grateful for what is taking place. Just, you know, I seem like I’m dreaming. And I’m afraid to get up because this is a dream. It’s been a gorgeous dream,” he stated, explaining how he and the director of the movie, Alejandro Monteverde, ultimately teamed up to create a production company. He said it has actually been eight years since they fulfilled Tim Ballard, whom the film is based upon, and they understood they required to do the film since of the worldwide child trafficking problem.

” As you understand, USA is the number-one customer of kid sex in the world. Mexico is the number-one supplier. I love Mexico; I enjoy America. We require to make America and Mexico free again. We require a motion. This movie will begin a movement … we just didn’t know how and when,” he said, discussing they ended up the movie a couple of years back. However, Disney ultimately got 21st Century Fox, and those he negotiated with formerly left.

” So now in this method, I reveal the movie to them completed and they informed me this movie is not for us,” he said, asserting that he asked for the film back.

They negotiated for a year, and he said he took the movie out of Disney and began “knocking on doors with Netflix, Amazon, and other studios,” all of whom declined it.

” Some of them, they simply didn’t even address my telephone call,” he stated, adding, “We sent out hundreds and hundreds of messages from various people. Absolutely nothing.”

He stated he prayed and asked God to “send out some angels to rescue this video.”

Sound of Flexibility (Angel Studios

)” I’m not quiting since this film has to do with saving lives. But it’s been 8 years now since we started this project. It’s a long time. And then Angel Studios show up,” he stated, discussing how they chose July 4 as the release date “since if the U.S. is the top consumer of child sex, we require to shake the conscience of this country on July 4.”

” Let’s do something to bring liberty back to those kids that are not totally free,” he stated, describing that they were dealing with a challenge due to the reality that they were dealing with films like Disney-backed Indiana Jones.

” Humanly speaking” it was impossible to endure, he said, however he added, “God’s kids are not for sale. If God is with us, who can be against us?”

” I never envisioned in a million years that we beat Indiana Jones on July 4. We’re the primary motion picture in America,” he added.

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Jack Knudsen/ Breitbart News

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