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Steven Tucker

July 03, 2023

Theodore Kaczynski, 1968.

Theodore Kaczynski, 1968.

Source: George Bergman When exactly is the Unabomber’s funeral service? No one knows, because, as The Babylon Bee just recently put it, nobody attempted open any of the postal invites.

The death by evident suicide of America’s preferred (pre-Islamist age) bearded mad mail-bomber Theodore “Ted” Kaczynski in his jail cell in June triggered the media to excitedly recap all possible angles on his case– apart from one. What most journalists failed miserably to point out was that Ted was at one point in his life really a bearded girl, like among those you utilized to find in the circus, today discover honestly masturbating in women’s altering spaces.

Bulging Male-Box
Throughout his youth, Teddy Young boy suffered a bout of what we would now term “gender dysphoria” and seriously considered going through a full-blown sex-change operation. Yet this fascinating factoid was conveniently passed over by many traditional media obituaries of the criminal– very odd, given these exact same outlets typically fall over themselves in their passion to report positively on the accomplishments of any and all other figures on the trans spectrum, under the relentlessly celebratory rubric of “raising previously marginalized voices.”

“All transgenderists should permanently be painted in a wholly positive light as benign role models to be replicated, and, being a mass murderer, Kaczynski does not rather fit the required mold.”

When it concerned the Unabomber, however, this circumstance discovered itself strangely reversed, and a conspiracy of polite silence appeared to prevail– however undoubtedly “silence is violence”? This was a cover-up every bit as bad as that of the online rumor mill FACT that Ted and his fellow eco-loony Greta Thunberg were long-lasting pen friends, perhaps leading up to a supreme behind-bars wedding event: Ted likes Greta till completion of the world.

Leading gay media outlet Pink News, for example, slammed any linkage being made by dissident social networks critics between the Unabomber’s crimes and his one-time transgender leanings by reprinting a list of online counter-comments such as the following: “The problem isn’t that Ted Kaczysnki was/might have been trans. The problem is that … [online critics are] plainly attempting to make some kind of connection between Ted’s gender distress and [his] being the Unabomber.”

But the problem with this line of argument is that Kaczynski’s “gender distress” was directly linked to him being the Unabomber!

Go back to Bender
Back in those far, far-off days of 1998, when even The Washington Post still knew what made a male into a man and a lady into woman (i.e., the content not of their characters, however of their underclothing, as a genital-inspecting Martin Luther King may have put it), the publication ran a report about a psychological evaluation made from the mail-bomb murderer by a federal psychiatrist named Sally Johnson. The opening paragraph of the Post story detailed in plain terms the easy realities of the case in a style the really same newspaper would perhaps not be rather so honest to do today:

Convicted Unabomber Theodore J. Kaczynski thought about having a sex modification operation when he was in his twenties and his confusion over his gender identity filled him with a rage that added to his battle spree, according to documents launched today.

That sounds quite clear and unambiguous to me. Or was this simply generally deceptive transphobic media hyperbole of the day? Well, Sally Johnson’s psychiatric report itself is easily offered online, the appropriate passage of which, going over Kaczynski’s abortive mid-20s attempt at going through a full-blown surgical sex-change operation whilst still at college, reads therefore:

… he describes experiencing a period of several weeks where he was sexually excited nearly all the time and was daydreaming himself as a female and being not able to get any sexual relief … When he returned to the University of Michigan he made a visit to see a psychiatrist to be analyzed to identify if [a] sex change would benefit him. He claimed that by putting on an act he might con the psychiatrist into believing him ideal for a womanly function even though his motive was specifically sexual. As he was sitting in the waiting space, he turned entirely versus the idea of the operation and thus, when he saw the physician, instead declared he was depressed … He describes the following, “As I walked away from the structure afterwards, I felt disgusted about what my unchecked sexual cravings had actually nearly led me to do and I felt humiliated, and I violently disliked the psychiatrist. Just then there came a significant pivotal moment in my life. Like a Phoenix, I burst from the ashes of my misery to a wonderful new hope. I believed I wanted to kill that psychiatrist because the future looked absolutely empty to me. I felt I wouldn’t care if I passed away. Therefore I stated to myself why not really kill the psychiatrist and anybody else whom I dislike. What is necessary is not the words that ran through my mind but the way I felt about them. What was completely brand-new was the reality that I truly felt I might eliminate somebody. My extremely despondence had actually liberated me since I no longer cared about death. I no longer cared about repercussions and I stated to myself that I actually could break out of my rut in life and do things that were daring, careless or criminal.”

To be clear, the Unabomber’s primary inspirations for his later bombing spree were mainly anti-technological in nature: “The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the mankind,” as the first line of his 1995 justificatory manifesto notoriously goes. However, if the words from out of his own homicidal mouth are to be thought, Kaczynski’s very first particular impulse to slaughter his fellow humans occurred directly from his younger transgenderist (or autogynephiliac, if you wish to be all technical about it) leanings.

To put it simply, then, regardless of Pink News’ demonstrations to the contrary, “Uncle Ted,” as his numerous online fans understand him (undoubtedly “Auntie Ted”?), did undoubtedly have demonstrable one-time transgender leanings, and these did undoubtedly directly influence him to kill.

Please, Mr. Post-Op Man
So why have not the mainstream media let the Great American Public understand about this? As the United States’ all-time leading bomb-through-the-mail killer, undoubtedly Theodore J. Kaczynski stands as a prime example of a traditionally considerable trans high-achiever of the specific same kind all our children should now learn about and be taught to revere in school, like Elizabeth I, Gay Edgar Hoover, the Brönte Brothers, or John of Arc?

No, because that’s not how it works. From henceforth, all transgenderists should permanently be painted in a wholly favorable light as benign role models to be replicated, and, being a mass murderer, Kaczynski does not quite fit the needed mold. Plus, there is the awkward reality that, in his 1995 manifesto, Ted provides an amusingly accurate– and quite withering– evaluation of the inbuilt personality defects of the typical postwar American leftist. “If our society had no social issues at all, the leftists would need to create problems in order to provide themselves with an excuse for making a fuss,” he composed at one point.

They’re doing that now already, Ted; it’s called the “trans genocide,” and it has to do with every bit as “genuine” as your own fallopian tubes. Undoubtedly, uncomfortable online mentions about Kaczynski’s transgender inclinations have actually already been hyperbolically referenced by some crucial outlets as having the potential to stoke a tranny-terrifying “Anti-Trans Rhetoric Wave.” That’s right, the real violence here was not Ted’s at all, however that of people who “irresponsibly” feel the urge to peddle facts to the general public rather than the typical diet of obfuscatory lies by maliciously publishing links to the 1998 Washington Post story on their Twitter feeds.

Parceling Out Blame
This appears to be the general tactic of the transgender left today: Whenever among their own number commits a crime, they instantly reverse the scenario so that they unexpectedly become the true victims, instead of the criminals, as is in truth the case.

Think About Audrey Hale, the wannabe-male transgender shooter who infamously shot up her old Christian school in Nashville back in March, for factors supposedly “unknown” (re: politically troublesome).

Right away following the atrocity, an organization calling itself the Trans Resistance Network (TNC) issued a news release claiming the “event” was “not one catastrophe, but 2.” The first catastrophe, obviously, was that numerous people were shot and eliminated by a cross-dressing. The 2nd and far higher catastrophe, nevertheless, was that the cross-dressing in concern “had no other efficient way to be seen than to snap by taking the life of others, and by consequence, himself [sic]”

However if Hale was “pushed into” her actions by virtue of having “no other efficient method to be seen” than to shoot several innocent children and adults dead, and trans voices are always expected to be elevated and enhanced by society at big in order to avoid this tear-jerking situation arising in the very first location, then why has her own heartfelt and lengthy manifesto still not been launched to the general public? Maybe it is because, by contrast, it makes Ted Kaczynski’s own deadly political screed look like the work of a sane individual.

Postman Patronizing
Once again, the main reason Auntie Ted mailed out bombs was to bring down modern technology, his chosen targets being engineers, computer suppliers, and so on, not so-called TERFs. But if propagandists today are so keen to represent the only thing worth knowing about substantial past figures like Jeanne d’Arc is that they were supposedly trans, then isn’t it double requirements not to do the same with meritless however traditionally notable wrong ‘uns like Kaczynski too?

That Transgender Ted passed away during yearly Gay Pride Month is certainly a heaven-sent gift horse not to be looked in the mouth: Fresh from draping the White Home all over in rainbow flags this June, should not President Biden now give the Unabummer a complete state funeral, his coffin draped in another such various colored gaybow banner of mourning likewise? Those extremely dignified trannies with their tits out Joe so kindly allowed to cavort on the White Home lawn with him last month might be the pallbearers.

After all, to do otherwise would definitely simply be to collude in covering the line pushed in all other situations by today’s gay groups that “trans people have constantly been with us”– and doing something like that might have serious consequences. Why, it might practically be enough to press a psychologically out of balance individual with a delusional animosity versus larger American society into acts of straight-out violent terrorism …

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