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Your Biological Cheat Sheet: Fueling Your Body The Right Way

By Emma C / October 16, 2018

In a state of perfect rest, the average person burns approximately 70 calories per hour maintaining their body’s basic metabolism (involuntary functions like blood circulation and breathing). Conducting minimal daily activities like sitting, standing, or getting a glass of water adds another 45 calories or so (per hour). Any kind of serious work or exertion […]


The Six Essential Questions That Should Be On Your Food Storage Checklist

By Andrew J. / April 30, 2018

Any prepper worth his/her salt knows that one absolutely must have food stored away for any possible emergency. During a time of crisis, you are your own best friend. The supermarket shelves may be empty or the store itself may be closed, and if you’re unprepared, you’ll probably end up going hungry. However, storing food […]