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Woodworking Business – Your Initial Investment

By Andrew J. / September 16, 2019

In any form of business, understanding the costs of setting up the business and the costs of running it is of great importance. You have to fully understand the costs your startup costs- tools, space, time, etc.- this is your initial investment. Your total startup costs will entirely depend on the type of project you’re […]


Woodworking Series: Identifying Your Target Market

By Michael B. / April 2, 2019

If you want your woodworking business (or any business, for that matter) to succeed, you have to identify your target market. Your target market will be the ideal people that will buy your products without too much coercion (because it’s already suited to them). Here are some tips to help you find the right target […]


Woodworking Series: What To Build To Make Profits

By Andrew J. / November 15, 2018

Woodworking is a great art and hobby that you can quickly turn into business. You need to know that different woodwork projects will have different markets. For instance, if you’re making toys, then your target market should be parents who have young children. You would be greatly misplaced if you make the toys in an […]


Woodworking Series: From Hobby To Business

By Andrew J. / November 1, 2018

Woodworking is an art/craft, depending on how you look at it, that can see you earn quite substantial amounts. There are people who love woodworking, but just do it as a hobby. The good news is that if you have interest in the subject, then transforming it from a hobby to business is quite easy. […]