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FEMA Coffins?

By Survival Dad / March 10, 2021

This is disturbing…Recently leaked photos show that FEMA is stockpiling thousands upon thousands of plastic coffins… You can see them below — along with a reporter who snuck in to expose this story Who are these coffins for? Well, none of them have been used yet… So the answer is still a mystery. All we […]


The Pending Corporate Default Will Be Bigger Than Anything in History

By Andrew J. / April 6, 2016

When the next corporate default wave comes, it could hurt investors more than they expect. Losses on bonds from defaulted companies are likely to be higher than in previous cycles, because U.S. issuers have more debt relative to their assets, according to Bank of America Corp. strategists. Those high levels of borrowings mean that if […]


Signs the Economy Is In Collapse Mode

By Andrew J. / February 29, 2016

As economic turmoil worldwide becomes increasingly apparent, I have been receiving messages from readers expressing some concerns on the public “perception” of collapse. That is to say, there are questions on the average person’s concept of collapse versus the reality of collapse. This is a vital issue that I have discussed briefly in the past, […]


Our Civilization Is Lost

By Andrew J. / December 30, 2015

On Jan. 1, 2002, the day that euro coins and banknotes entered into circulation, my column, “Say Goodbye to the Mother Continent,” contained this pessimistic prognosis: “This European superstate will not endure, but break apart on the barrier reef of nationalism. For when the hard times come, patriots will recapture control of their national destinies […]


The Collapse Is Imminent

By Andrew J. / November 30, 2015

I wrote the first three parts of this article back in September and planned to finish it in early October, but life intervened and truthfully I don’t think I was ready to confront how bad things will likely get as this Fourth Turning moves into the violent, chaotic war stage just over the horizon. The […]


Expert Predicts Imminent Collapse of the Economy

By Andrew J. / June 29, 2015

Two years since his last interview with us, investor Jim Rogers returns and notes that the risks he warned of last time have only gotten worse. In this week’s podcast, Jim shares his rational for predicting: increased wealth confiscation by the central planners a pending major financial market collapse gold’s return as the preferred safe […]