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The Five Composting Myths Holding Your Garden Back

By Andrew J. / September 13, 2019

When it comes right down to it, composting is a simple, natural process that’s been overcomplicated by machines, commercial marketing, and misinformation. Some of these misinformed ideas have been passed around so many times that they’ve become accepted as truth. Well, we’re here to set the record straight. Keep reading to separate fact from fiction! […]


The Secret Guide To Composting Like A Pro

By Michael B. / March 20, 2019

Read Up The first and most important thing you can do is educate yourself. That’s right. You need to read up on the concepts, techniques, and all the other factors pertaining to composting. Much like learning a new language, immersing yourself with available information prior to jumping in will ensure that you’re giving it your […]


Tips and Tricks For Dynamic Composting

By Michael B. / February 18, 2019

Balance the Ingredients The primary requirement in order for a compost heap to remain active is to have a balance of ingredients. If you have too much of a single component, your compost will eventually die down. Remember that a compost is inherently comprised of numerous organic ingredients, and to keep it in top condition […]


Urban Composting

By Andrew J. / June 2, 2015

I currently live in an urban apartment complex. I have a small compost pile in the wooded area on the side of a hill that no one even notices. I cover it with leaves. When I lived down the street in a house with a large back yard, I had a compost bin. I am […]