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No One Is Safe: The Ebola Virus Is Back With A Vengeance

By Emma C / January 9, 2019

Experts say the latest Ebola outbreak could be even more devastating than the one that claimed over 11,000 lives in 2014. So far, the virus sweeping the Democratic Republic of Congo has seized 426 victims, 198 of whom have already died. The disease is spreading all over the country, aided by both the stealing of […]


Identifying Risks and Signs of Oncoming Attacks

By Andrew J. / July 2, 2018

Most people prefer to lead quiet lives and not challenge others to fights or get violent- the thought of hurting someone or getting hurt in an altercation doesn’t sit well with most of us. However, there are some people who have no qualms getting aggressive or violent. They understand that most people will back away […]