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Preparing For Economic Disaster: Don’t Get Caught In Debt

By Andrew J. / January 8, 2019

Paying off as much of your debt as you can is the one biggest piece of advice we can give to our fellow preppers. The economy could implode any day. So we’ve put together this easy to follow guide to help you go debt free in 2019. “Most times people take on debt because of […]


Prediction: The Coming Financial Crisis Will Overshadow the Last

By Emma C / October 5, 2018

Peter Schiff, veteran stock broker and CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, predicts that although aspects of the forthcoming financial crisis will seem familiar, it will be even more devastating than the crash of 2008. As reported by RT News, he claims that the imminent devastation is due to the fact that “Unfortunately, no lessons were […]


Discover Why Financial Preparedness Is Crucial For Preppers

By Emma C / May 14, 2018

Most preppers and survivalists usually think of food storage, first aid, wilderness survival, and other skills when they think of being prepared. One of the most crucial points is often neglected. Here’s the truth: Even during tough times, you absolutely need money. In fact, now more than ever before it becomes a priority. During the […]


4 Tips For Preppers To Become Financially Prepared

By Emma C / April 9, 2018

Financial preparedness in prepper terms refers to having enough money to not only buy stocks and supplies but you should also have enough stashed away to allow you to immediately evacuate to another place should the need arise. Oftentimes when people are asked to evacuate by the authorities they stay put because they just do […]


How to Stick It to the Welfare State

By Andrew J. / February 8, 2016

When you think about the economy you probably only include your household as an afterthought. The economy is big, and your household is small. The economy includes markets, factories, currency, and monetary policy. When it comes to your household economy you probably think is begins and ends with keeping a budget. It may strike you […]