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The Key To Storing Milk and Eggs Long-Term

By Emma C / August 7, 2018

The thought of spoiled milk or eggs is a cringe-worthy one. Many preppers, when stocking their emergency pantry, resolve to just skip over these items entirely because there’s no way to effectively store them long-term. The good news is that they’re wrong. While it can be a bit tricky at times, there are a few […]


Five Survival Myths You Need to Know

By Emma C / April 25, 2016

What with the world wide web and all the convenience it provides, it’s easier now than ever to find out whatever you want to know with just a few taps on your keyboard. But, even with unlimited information at your fingertips, every truth will come accompanied by some pretty outrageous things. While those tips are […]


Five Things You Must Know How to Do to Survive

By Andrew J. / November 10, 2015

It’s really easy to prepare food right now; you just pull it out of the fridge or the freezer and toss the food in the microwave or skillet. Easy peasy. You have electricity for keeping your food cold, gas or electricity for cooking it, a car to get you to the store and a store […]


Avoiding Dehydration: Beyond Water Storage

By Andrew J. / September 9, 2015

Dehydration can sneak up on you and impair your thinking to the point you may not realize you need to take immediate action. Rescuers have at times found lost hikers and others that have succumbed to dehydration with water still in their canteens. People think they should ration their water for when they need it […]