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Preparing the Family With Lightning Emergency Management

By Ben / June 7, 2020

Emergency management is also called disaster management. It is the discipline or system of managing and preventing the risks brought about by economic or organizational crises, natural and accidental disasters. Emergency management is a very complex process. It involves rebuilding, supporting, and preparing the society when human-caused or natural catastrophes occur such as typhoons, hurricanes, […]


Putting Together Your Emergency Earthquake Kit

By Michael B. / March 8, 2019

If you live in an area prone to seismic activity, it’s vitally important that you have an earthquake kit in your house or in your car so that you’ll have emergency supplies if you need them.  Even if your area isn’t a hotspot for this kind of activity, this survival kit is pretty basic and […]


Making Your Car Disaster-Ready

By Emma C / October 10, 2018

This brief, informative video covers everything you need for a basic car safety kit. As he says in the video, this isn’t just for seasoned preppers or military vets- this video is for everyone, everywhere, all year round. From jumper cables to water bottles to band aids, these basic safety measures should be in every car […]


Your Car Accident Survival Guide

By Emma C / October 3, 2018

Car disasters make for thrilling action scenes in the movies, but in the real world, they mean life or death. In today’s article we’re going to talk about three of these scenarios and the dos and don’ts of each. As much as you don’t like to think about it, next time, it could be you. […]