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Homemade Ethanol

By James A. / February 14, 2020

Making ethanol gas at home is very possible and very easy. Ethanol is used to fuel vehicles, power tools, and pretty much anything with a gas powered motor. Making your own ethanol can save you a lot of money on your regular fuel bill, and it’s very easy to do, so why not?  The first, […]


15 Life-Saving Shelters You Can Build Today

By Peter D. / November 17, 2019

Shelter is your top priority in most survival emergencies. Severe weather conditions can kill within a few hours if you don’t have some type of shelter to defend you from the elements. Luckily, there are a wide array of techniques and materials for escaping the elements. Check out my top 15 favorite survival shelters…(continue reading)


Brighten Up Your Candles With This Simple Trick

By Andrew J. / May 28, 2019

If you have children in your home, chances are you have an abundance of worn down crayons that don’t get used much anymore. Before throwing them out, consider saving them as emergency supplies for your candle making. This can be a great way to turn them into something new and bright again or even to […]


Woodworking Series: Choosing A Niche

By Michael B. / February 20, 2019

Woodworking encompasses a huge variety of different focuses; the practice can range anywhere from toy making to furniture to housing construction. The term itself is so general that you’ll have to identify a very specific audience if you want to turn a good profit. You need to have a niche. A niche, in this case, […]


The Basics of Candle Making: Pillar Candles

By Michael B. / February 11, 2019

They are called pillars because they are round and tall like a pillar. There is no standard size (they can come in many widths and heights) and can be found in all colors and scents. You can find both decorative and plain ones too; they can be used for anything from practical home use to […]


How to Make Soap from Eggs

By Andrew J. / June 7, 2018

This homemade cold process egg soap recipe is made with egg yolks. Eggs have long offered skin care benefits that include tightening skin, shrinking pores, and calming redness and breakouts. In cold process soap they also help to create a rich, thick lather. This homemade cold process egg soap recipe is made with egg yolks. […]


The Survival Superfood You’ve Never Heard Of

By Emma C / June 29, 2016

There are two crucial benefits that have time and again earned this superfood the title of ‘ultimate survival food’: nutrition, and shelf-life. The name ‘pemmican’ comes from the Cree word ‘pemi’, meaning ‘grease’ or ‘fat’, and is a concentrated combination of dried, lean meat, fat, and protein. Used over the generations by the Native Americans, […]