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Even MSM Now Worried About Solar Flares and EMP

By Andrew J. / December 9, 2015

The Sun could unleash huge superflares that would destroy much of the things we rely on for life on Earth, scientists have warned. Huge flares of energy with the power of a billion one megaton nuclear bombs could destroy our communication and energy systems, they have said. Scientists made the warning after seeing a huge […]


Very Cool-Small EMP Demonstration Destroys Calculator

By Andrew J. / September 21, 2015

What would an EMP attack really look like on US soil? How bad could the destruction be? What are your EMP preparedness survival options? What’s the best EMP Emergency Management Plan? What the heck is an EMP anyways? Electrical Magnetic Pulse…seems technical. Seems complicated. Doesn’t really sound all that scary. Seems more like something you […]