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The ‘Get Home Bag’ and Why You Need One

By Peter D. / August 2, 2020

One of the less well known essentials for a crisis is the get home bag. Actually, what you will tend to hear about more often than not is the bugout bag. On most of the survival websites you visit, you’re probably going to hear about the bugout bag, but not the get home bag. This […]


Evacuation Planning For Families

By Andrew J. / November 13, 2018

Emergencies can be highly unpredictable. You could be well-prepared for a crisis, but if there’s an earthquake and the house comes crumbling down, whatever food and water supplies you’ve stored will be destroyed. The structural integrity of the house will be compromised, and you won’t be able to stay there. You have no choice but […]


How to Plan For Evacuating Your Family

By Andrew J. / June 2, 2015

An evacuation plan is a must have for anyone in an emergency situation. Disasters often happen without warning so it is important that your family knows what to do. Communicating with your loved ones is critical for getting them safety through the emergency. Evacuation plans can be written down and discussed amongst your family members. […]