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What’s a Shemagh and 10 Reasons Why You NEED To Own One

By Andrew J. / August 20, 2018

There are some survival items that are so useful and versatile that every prepper MUST own one. Paracord is one of them…and a shemagh is another. Pronounced ‘she-mog’, this item is similar to a bandana, but it’s much larger. Roughly 42” x 42”, the shemagh originated in the Middle East out of sheer necessity. The […]


Proven Methods for Filtering Water in a Grid Down Scenario

By Andrew J. / December 4, 2015

Having water on hand is just one part of being prepared. Knowing how to safely store, treat, filter and purify water can keep you alive. To know how much water to have on hand and how to store it, read Water Storage 101. This article reviews how to make sure water is safe to drink. […]