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Firearm [confiscation activated] in 24 states… scary

By Survival Dad / March 15, 2021

It’s happening…Biden is going to use the latest tragedies to round up gun owners. Given the emergency, I want to give you a Guerrila Gun guide for free.  It normally sells for $39, but I don’t want that to get in the way of getting this information into the hands of as many patriots as […]


Surviving an Active Shooter Situation

By Emma C / March 13, 2016

This past December the people of San Bernardino, California were thrown into chaos when two shooters with ties to Islamic terrorism invaded a building and opened fire. Similar attacks were launched the previous month in Paris killing more than 100 people and casting a shadow over the Western world. While it is the job of […]


What Kind of Shooter Are You, and What Kind Do You WISH You Were?

By Andrew J. / October 13, 2015

A friend and colleague of mine once taught me that there are four types of shooters. I believe that in pursuit of learning and applying a skill, it makes a lot of sense to grade students and I also believe it makes a lot of sense to divide shooters into these four categories. 1. Unconscious […]