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The Top Four Precious Metals That AREN’T Gold

By Emma C / September 26, 2018

The phrase ‘precious metals’ typically brings two specific elements to mind: silver and gold. While gold still holds its position as the sort of ‘universal’ precious metal (the luxury watch, the extravagant jewelry), it’s oftentimes mistakenly thought of as the only thing out there because it’s all that’s advertised. The truth is that there are countless ‘precious […]


Stock Market Crash Could Be Imminent

By Andrew J. / May 20, 2016

Gold is a regarded as a hedge against market turbulence by Bank of America who, in a note to clients, advised holding gold and paper currency at this time. Bloomberg report that Bank of America Merrill Lynch describe the markets as being in a “Twilight Zone” – the zone between the end of QE and […]