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Grandma’s trick for a bulletproof home

By Survival Dad / March 25, 2021

A few days ago my 71-year-old grandmother “Crime-Proofed” her home and locked it down like Fort Knox… all by herself. On top of that, she said it only took one trip to Walmart and a few simple tools. She figured out how to do it using a Free report being given away to Americans nationwide […]


Prepping for the Coming Civil War

By Michael B. / October 1, 2018

I imagine you’ve been paying attention to the War on Kavanaugh that has raged over the last few weeks.  I’ve not personally watched a single moment of the hearings (except for that clip of Lindsey Graham showing a rare bit of courage). However, I did take notice when the USA Today noted that a second […]


A Beautiful Weapon for Home Defense

By Andrew J. / July 14, 2015

MasterPiece Arms is expanding on the new model Defender series with a 9mm Luger carbine that uses Glock-pattern magazines. Called the MPA20DMG, this carbine combines a machined aluminum lower with a standard Defender upper in a carbine configuration. The MPA20DMG is built around a 16.2-inch barrel that threaded for common 1/2-28 muzzle devices and comes […]


How to Outsmart the Best Burglars

By Andrew J. / June 30, 2015

At first, it feels almost too easy. Against the gentle rustling of leaves, I walk through the back gate, across the lawn, and open the door, all of it unnoticed. I am committing a crime in broad daylight – and no one can stop me. My glee soon turns to a kind of mental fog. […]


Crime Prevention Tactics From an Ex-Cop

By Andrew J. / May 15, 2015

As a youth, I was actively involved in the Boy Scouts, which is where I learned the importance of being prepared. “Be Prepared” is of course the Boy Scout motto. That mindset transitioned with me into my career as a law enforcement officer. As a police officer, I teach people the importance of being prepared […]