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Grandma-Approved Home Remedies That Actually Work

By Emma C / May 10, 2016

Any serious homesteader can tell you that nine out of ten of those crazy DIY home remedies are just that: crazy. Myth, folklore, and cultural legends of ‘healers’ have brought about many of these rumors over the years. However, studies have proven that natural remedies do in fact exist, even if they’re only the one […]


All-Natural, Easy and Quick Homemade Remedies for Painful Chapped Lips

By Emma C / April 1, 2016

We’re all familiar with the itching and burning sensation that comes along with dry skin and chapped lips, especially during the winter months (although kids seem to get them year-round, don’t they?!). Lips don’t have the glands necessary to produce their own moisture, and because of how thin the skin of your lips are, they’re […]


How to Store Honey Long Term

By Andrew J. / June 3, 2015

Raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized honey has been a pantry staple for centuries. In the far stretches of human history, honey was stored for food, making wine and used for medicinal purposes. They stored raw, unfiltered honey in porous, sealed jars and stacked them in cold caves. In fact, recently, scientists examined five-millennia-plus-old jars of honey unearthed […]