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Trying to Add Juice to Your Long Term Storage?

By Survival Dad / April 12, 2021

We make use of juices for all kinds of things in the cooking area. From using as a base for sauces to adding to smoothie mixes, juice has a great deal to provide. While numerous may think of juice as just something that you buy and take in really swiftly, the truth is that there […]


All-Natural, Easy and Quick Homemade Remedies for Painful Chapped Lips

By Emma C / April 1, 2016

We’re all familiar with the itching and burning sensation that comes along with dry skin and chapped lips, especially during the winter months (although kids seem to get them year-round, don’t they?!). Lips don’t have the glands necessary to produce their own moisture, and because of how thin the skin of your lips are, they’re […]