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Prepper DEAL ALERT 🔪🔪 75% Off Bear Grylls Knife

By Survival Dad / December 3, 2018

What you’re about to see is one of the best deals on one of the most popular knives you’ll ever see. I’ve recently started doing business with a major distribution company whose name you’d recognize but that I’m not allowed to mention here.  With that new relationship I’ve happened to score a major deal on the […]


Surviving an Active Shooter Situation

By Emma C / March 13, 2016

This past December the people of San Bernardino, California were thrown into chaos when two shooters with ties to Islamic terrorism invaded a building and opened fire. Similar attacks were launched the previous month in Paris killing more than 100 people and casting a shadow over the Western world. While it is the job of […]


Brilliant Ideas for Using Tin Cans in a Survival Situation

By Andrew J. / January 10, 2016

There is one item that every prepper in the world is guaranteed to have: canned food. Even if they mostly have dehydrated or freeze-dried food, every prepper has at least one can or corn or beans somewhere. And of course, canned food usually comes in tin cans. Most people throw them away without a second […]