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Customizing Your First Aid Kit

By Andrew J. / August 4, 2016

Everyone should have at least a basic survival kit just in case disaster strikes. A survival first aid kit is one of the most important preparations for any sort of disaster or event. What Is a Survival First Aid Kit? A survival first aid kit is a bit more equipped than just a regular everyday […]


Basics: The Bare Minimum List for Your Bug Out Bag

By Andrew J. / July 28, 2016

Every home and car should contain at least a basic survival kit in the event of a disaster. Even if you believe that nothing will ever happen to necessitate using such a kit, it is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the lives and safety of yourself and your loved […]


What To Do When the World Goes Crazy

By Andrew J. / September 25, 2015

I first penned this letter in December 2011. Back then, I was very concerned about our world and the direction that I saw it going. The signs have been there for a while. For those paying attention, looking, researching and reading, you could easily find a myriad of problems that point to how fragile our […]