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Emergency Preparedness Kit: Lifeline during Disaster

By Ben / July 9, 2020

During an emergency or a disaster, it is very helpful to have an extra supply of survival materials. A supply of survival materials may include, first aid kits, medicines, food and water-primarily, and even money. It is also ideal to have supplied sufficient for the next seventy-two hours, equivalent to three days, while other members […]


Attempted Murder in Broad Daylight

By Survival Dad / December 6, 2018

I’ve been warning that the collapse of our ‘civilization’ is right around the corner, and if you’re paying attention, you’re already seeing the early warning signs. One such example occurred this week in Los Angeles, when a man waited on a sidewalk for the right moment when we could pick a stranger at random and […]


Keeping The Public In The Dark Is The Name Of The Game…

By Andrew J. / June 13, 2016

D-Day Could Strike Homeland By The End Of 2016 When talks about prepping, D-day, and fast spreading epidemics start to creep into our everyday lives like never before, I cannot help but wondering how much time do we have left until our worst nightmare comes true. From the preparations our government is making to the […]