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Solar Energy Simplified

By Andrew J. / August 29, 2019

The sun shines, we collect the sunlight, we convert the sunlight into usable forms, and we enjoy the benefits. You can’t get any simpler than that. But okay, I know you need more explanations. You’ve been looking all over the web for information and you need  more than just a single sentence. The sun produces […]


Solar Power YOUR Home Today

By Andrew J. / May 13, 2019

How much would you give to live in an energy-efficient home? With today’s technologies, what’s always been impossible is within your grasp, and solar energy is one of the best ways to accomplish it. Solar energy is the process of using the sun’s radiant rays to power your home. For this to work, you will […]


Wind vs. Solar Power: Is Cheaper Better?

By Andrew J. / March 7, 2019

There’s an ongoing debate among scientists and environmentalists alike on which energy resource should be developed first given their advantages and drawbacks. Numerous studies have shown that overall, wind power is more cost effective than solar. Let’s see the reasons behind that conclusion. Harnessing the sun’s energy can be done by a number of ways. […]


3 Ways To Conserve Solar Energy

By Michael B. / January 31, 2019

You may think you are an ordinary person with ordinary responsibilities and that this has nothing to do with you. Should you even care about these things? The answer is yes. You must bear in mind that you are part of a whole spectrum of nature; whatever you do will affect all the things around […]


Revolutionize Your Garden With Soil Solarization

By Michael B. / January 25, 2019

Would you like to know what one of the best ways is to get rid of pesky weeds and pests and some diseases as well? It is to solarize your soil. This technique is largely used in areas that have abundant sunshine and high temperatures. However, it can be adapted for cooler areas as well. […]


How To Start Solar Prepping Your Home NOW

By Michael B. / December 9, 2018

The sun is a great source of energy, and as the prices of oil and gas continue to increase, it would be a perfect replacement for whatever resources you use in your home now. Because of the high fuel and gas prices, more and more people are experimenting on the use of solar energy in […]


All My Prepping Has Been a Waste of Time and Money

By Andrew J. / September 28, 2017

I just got off the phone with my friend Lynn, from Indialantic, FL, and what he had to tell me has changed my prepping ideas forever. I’m convinced that almost everything I’ve done for the last 10 years has been a waste of time and money. Let me explain why. Lynn is a methodical planner […]