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The 4 War Zone Survival Tips That’ll Save Your Life

By Andrew J. / February 16, 2019

Most people have never lived in an area that has suffered the effects of war. They don’t have a clue about the disastrous consequences that may occur. A war is nothing like a hurricane or an earthquake. As strange as it may sound, natural disasters are more predictable. While you won’t know the impact of […]


Navigating Transportation In A Danger Zone

By Michael B. / January 10, 2019

Getting around when you’re living in an occupied area or a war zone can be a dangerous affair. You must always bear in mind that the situation has changed drastically. Law enforcement might have collapsed; carjackings, kidnappings, robberies, rapes, and shootings will be on the rise. Any of these things can happen while you’re just […]


10 Need-To-Know War Zone Tactics

By Michael B. / December 1, 2018

The Roman philosopher Marcus Tullius Cicero once said, “In time of war, the laws fall silent.” This is a very important quote to bear in mind as a prepper. While the only current major wars seem to be occurring in far away places like the Middle East, war is a very real possibility and can […]