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Looking for Closeout Hiking Boots?

By Ben / February 11, 2020

If you are planning on a long hike on rocky trails, you are going to need a decent pair of hiking boots. Hold on a second. Let’s amend that statement slightly. If you are going on a hike of any duration on any type of trail, you are going to need a decent pair of […]


Canadian Wilderness Offer Wildlife And Isolation

By Ben / January 13, 2020

Backpacking into the Canadian wilderness can be a lesson in solitude as there are thousands of square miles of untamed land waiting to be explored. However, it is highly recommended that a person never travels into the Canadian wilderness alone, as there are places as well as dangers from which one person may not be […]


Best Hiking Boots Provide Safety And Comfort

By Ben / November 15, 2019

Regardless of where or when you plan to go hiking, having the best hiking boots you can find can make a difference in your safety and comfort. When you go to the sports store in search of boots, you will need to have in mind the type of hiking you plan to be doing. There […]


One Man’s Story: Alone in the Wilderness

By Ben / October 16, 2019

Dick Proenneke had a dream, and he had the courage to do what it took to make that dream a reality. He vowed to live alone in the wilderness, to live his life in a land that wasn’t touched by man and was still pristine and pure. He wanted to roam through a wilderness where […]


Paracord: The Prepper’s Holy Grail

By Andrew J. / May 7, 2018

Paracord is short for parachute cord- a miracle piece of equipment that any and every serious prepper or survivalist should have. It’s usually referred to as 550 paracord because despite its thin appearance, it can hold 550 lbs. That’s some serious strength. The cord itself can be unraveled to reveal inner strands that are very […]


Real Survivalists

By Andrew J. / February 6, 2016

I see that the movie The Revenant is up for 12 Academy Awards. Evidently, it’s a very popular movie. For those unaware, this movie is about the famous mountain man Hugh Glass who survived a grizzly bear attack and killed the bear with a Green River knife. People say it was a “bowie knife”, but […]


How to Navigate in the Woods Without a Compass or Map

By Andrew J. / January 27, 2016

As an eighth grade math teacher, a lot of the stuff we teach kids makes no sense. Students rarely get a chance to apply mathematics in the real world. We’re too busy pushing through the state mandated curriculum to get our hands dirty applying the concepts being taught. A little dirt time in the woods […]


Acquire These Amazing Skills and Have Fun at the Same Time

By Andrew J. / January 20, 2016

The thought of going to the woods for rest and relaxation is a foreign concept to most moderns. Others see it as an oasis. The later enjoy the simplicity of woods life for many reasons. Through experience, they’ve learned to be healthy, comfortable, and relaxed in the woods. 27 Basecamp Projects Guaranteed to Elevate Skills […]


Can We Learn from a Reality TV Show?

By Andrew J. / August 8, 2015

The contestants on the History Channel’s new survival show Alone were allowed to choose 10 items from a supposed secret list of 40 items. What isn’t a secret however, were the banned items such as matches, lighters, along with water filtration and purification systems. Firearms were not allowed of course, and the metal pot size […]